Reviews for Wings and Rings in Omaha, NE

Rolando Loaiza 1 year ago

Haven?t been to wings & rings for a while since a mediocre experience last time. The wings were cold and tasteless. As if they... were sitting around for an hour just to be reheated. The fries were stale. The only redeeming factor from the meal was the bleucheese. Safe to say, this will be my final visit to wings & rings. Save yourself the time and go elsewhere. Read more

Bill Vuong 1 year ago

Boneless wings were overcooked. Also lacking of sauce.

Kimberly Boatwright 1 year ago

Disappointed with take out we scheduled a pick up time and arrived 5 mins early food was already waiting. Very cold when we got... it home. Fries, onion rings, and pickles were undercooked! No care was taken with packaging it seemed like they tossed the foodin the boxes. We ordered 35 wings and got 1 small container of ranch and 1 small blue cheese. Not sure how that works for 5people. We usually enjoy eating at wings and rings. But NEVER again for take out. It costs to much to eat out and not get anywhere near what you paid for! Read more

Alicia Letsche 2 years ago

Alright this is normally my go-to place for wings but our experience tonight was ridiculous. We ordered for carryout for my... mom's birthday tonight and I stood at the front counter from 7:15-7:30 waiting for someone to come up. Our order was sitting outon the counter the entire time, I debated just grabbing it but they had a sign saying explicitly to wait for assistance. Severalwaitresses and the bar tender walked past me a few times before one finally came up to ask if I needed something. I understandif it was busy but the bartender was standing at the bar watching TV and ignored my attempt to ask him if I could grab my to-goorder. We get home and pictured below is our appetizer sampler we received... with one onion ring thrown in. Absolutelyridiculous. ***Edited to add: the general manager (Carolyn I believe) reached out and was so incredibly kind and responsive tothe situation. I really appreciate her contacting us about the issue we experienced, and showing genuine interest in ourconcerns. It definitely made a difference.*** Read more

mike durante 2 years ago

Well?..don?t come for the wings! Not great , not good , not even average. I?m written this review as i wait for the waitress to... return with the bill. I have not seen her in 15 minutes. Not the best service either! And 50% of the tv?s are not on. It?s aSaturday at 1pm. So just saying The wings are at least big in size but thats it. 10 wings $14 so i guess they should be large,but really the taste was just lacking everything. Close to the worst wings ever and the ranch is on the same level. Yeh friedpickles were not good either. Not a fan of deep fried items that come to the table pale in color. They needed to be morefried Keep searching for another place to eat. Trust me Read more

Michael Mortimore 2 years ago

If you're ready to have all other wing places ruined for you then Buffalo Wings and Rings on L street in Omaha is definitely for... you. When picking any other wing place you're always faced with the challenge of: "Do I want quality sauce and smaller wings orquality wings and basic sauce?" and some wing places have started charging anywhere from $1-$2 per wing! This place is theexception. Consistent quality with their food, wing sauce, and generous wing size every single time. Their ingredients arefresh, the wait is short, and the portions are very generous for the price. Entrees are served on dishware when dining in andthe wait time is short enough to stop in for lunch. I recommend this place every time to anyone visiting the Omaha area. 10/10would recommend Read more

Anthony Crum (GrzFable) 2 years ago

Great food... The burgers are way better than the wings, not that the wings are bad at all, its just my burger was spot on...... Decent service... Read more

Me Myself And I 2 years ago

Asked for food to be extra wet with extra sauce on the side. I got no extra sauce and this is what I get. They also left out... items. Since it was ordered on grub hub they could only say ? well contact them?. Poor quality food and customer service. Ohand 5.99 for this tiny Mack and cheese. What a waste of money. It?ll be a long time before I go back here again. Do better!! Read more