Reviews for Orange Monkey Bar & Billiards in Ottawa, ON

SIMPLY P 1 year ago

Great place in the city. It was very busy, so there was a waiting line for pool. We ended up playing snooker instead. Lively... place on a Saturday. Tables looked well maintained and the place was clean. The crowd was mixed, everyone was having a goodtime. Read more

Lynne Lin 1 year ago

Huge pool hall with both snooker tables and pool tables. Abundance of parkings out front. Close to LRT at 5 min walk. Facade is... small but intérieur is very long and large space. Bar is located to the front, gated from the pool tables. Great for pool orsnooker enthusiasts. Reasonably priced ( almost cheap considering post pandemic and everything is expensive ). Read more

Nathan Brisebois 1 year ago

A no nonsense billiards bar. A bit rough around the edges, but I personally like that sort of aesthetic for a pool hall. Service... is good and friendly. They have Heineken in quarts, which is awesome. Accidentally spilled a full quart like a cartoon characterand made a pretty big mess and my server was super cool about it. I like coming here after a late shift at work to unwind andshoot some pool. One of my favorite spots Read more

Frederic Proulx 1 year ago

Super fun pool bar. Great way to relax after a night of axe throwing next door. Good service and friendly staff!

Hallam Carter 1 year ago

This place is iconic, a legend, the standard against which all others in this city are held to... and it still stands. It's been... years since I last visited. The tables are okay. Their cues need some love.Bring your own if your serious. Good tunes in thebackground and a choice of beers and drinks to make everyone happy. It filled up pretty quickly and there was a wait when weleft, so plan accordingly. Read more

Jordan Millard 1 year ago

Went for the first time yesterday and the experience was pretty poor. Our waitress, (older, blonde woman said she was the... manager) was undeniably drunk. She forgot about half of our table multiple times, she also knocked over the food plates whencollecting them after we were finished and she spilt a drink all over one of the guys as she was setting it down. We had toactually flag over one of the other waitresses to take over as she was really out of sorts. This is absolutely not compliantwith smart serve regulations and was pretty sad to see, as the place does have potential. The ledges are all very sticky, theservice from the manager wasn?t great, (although she was nice, anyone handling alcohol needs to be stone cold sober) but on apositive note there are lots of pool tables and weren?t many people when we went so that was good. Read more

Hemanshu Chourasia 1 year ago

Amazing place for fun. The had Amazing sweet cider and the nachos were good. The pool and snooker tables are really good. The... place is well maintained. I noticed the crowd was enjoying the game and food as well. Need to try other food options as well.Surely coming back to this place. There are very few places that have snooker table. Read more

Aaron Hoffman 1 year ago

Fun place to spend a few hours. Usually fairly quiet on weekdays. My only complaint is that they're still using social... distancing for the tables, cutting the available tables in half. There aren't many places to play snooker in this city sohaving half the tables gone really sucks. Read more