Reviews for Main Street Pizza in Ovid, MI

lisa m martin 1 year ago

We drive from another town to get our pizza here. Main Street pizza is the best around, and their prices are very reasonable. ... You will not find a better deal than you get at Main Street Pizza. Read more

Holly Thomas 1 year ago

Delicious food!. They were quick and accurate with friendly staff

Zachary Clough (NapoleontheLesser) 1 year ago

In my opinion best overall pizza in Lansing area. Bread sticks with cream cheese is amazing, not too much sauce on pizza, cheese... mix is delicious and not sure where they source their pepperoni, but it's the best. They work fast despite being very busy. Read more

josh Agle 1 year ago

I lived in ovid my whole childhood, and the food was great. Now a days the food is still great but portions are now way smaller... And prices are increased. I would still recommend main street in ovid Read more

Chatty Cassidy 2 years ago

I tried this place a few months ago, it was my first time and was so excited to try it, I got the buffalo chicken pizza and to... my surprise, it wasn?t spicy at all! I?m not complaining I thought they forgot to put the sauce on the pizza but it was there.Absolutely delicious Read more

Julie Smith 3 years ago

Update 4/17/21 still have very good pizza. They are far busier nowadays and your wait for the pizza is much longer than it used... to be. That?s not a complaint or a deterrent, just a fact. Like everything else, prices have gone up quite a bit too. Again,stating facts, not complaining. However we order waaaay less pizza now that we don?t have kids at home so it?s still a win forus! Still worth the drive! The very best pizza! Prices fair for the pizza you get. A+ in my book! Read more

David Gingerich 3 years ago

I moved to Ohio and still make the trip yearly to indulge in the finest pizza known to man. I've never been disappointed after... having it every year for my entire life. Keep up the killer pizza! Read more

M Swartz 7 years ago

One of my favorite places to get pizza has really disappointed me... again. With their salads, not their pizza (which is... great). Two months ago I picked up a pizza and chef salad from Main Street Pizza, Ovid, 20 minutes from home. The lettuce waswilted with several rotten leaves in it -- it smelled funky. I immediately called and was met with an argument over the phone. They wanted me to bring it back or they couldn't do anything about it. I didn't have time to drive back, I just wanted a freshsalad replacement at a future date. Grumbling, phone person agreed. Tonight I thought pizza and salad sounded good. Remembering my last experience, I asked if the salad was fresh. Phone person assured me it was. I picked up the pizza andsalad, and opened the plastic to see how it looked. Generous toppings covered the salad -- I could only see part of the lettucearound the edges of the container. Standing at the counter with other customers around, and not having a utensil, I did not digthrough it to reveal the lettuce, so I paid and left (they charged me for the new salad). At home, I started to turn thelettuce with a fork and was dismayed to find rotten and wilted lettuce -- again. And it smelled funky, not fresh. I tookpictures. I immediately called and was met with hostile argument and denial from the manager. I offered to text pictures asproof of my claim; she didn't want pictures. She insisted that the lettuce was not rotten -- she had just opened a new packageof bagged lettuce. Therein lies the problem. Bagged lettuce is not fresh lettuce, and because you "just opened the bag" itdoesn't mean it is fresh or of good quality. Restaurants who use it often serve patrons bad smelling, poor quality salads. Bagged salad lettuce is not comparable to fresh chopped lettuce, it is just ready to eat (or so they claim). Convenience overquality. Restaurants assume it is okay because they "just opened the bag," when in fact they have no absolute contro Read more