Reviews for McDonald's in Owatonna, MN

rhoarep (rhoarep) 1 year ago

I normally use the app cause you can get some good deals on there that are not available in store. Staff has always been... friendly and rarely do I have to wait for my food. The wait is more in the drive thru line as they are actually a really busystore. Read more

Robin Negrete 1 year ago

I waited almost 25 minutes for a Happy Meal and coffee that I ordered inside at the register. The drive thru is not clearly... marked, so people started to make a line in the parking lot, which made it difficult for me to leave. Read more

Dennis Benjamin 1 year ago

The interior remodeling is terrible. The feel is very uninviting. Don't waste your time going inside. The family feel is... gone.... Read more

ohmyglobohmyglob 1 year ago

This is the best McDonald's I have ever been to. I ordered breakfast and went to wash my hands. By the time I came out my food... was ready. Person at the counter was really nice and the location was spotless. Admittedly it looked like a newer location andit was at time where it wasn't too busy. 10/10 would recommend. Read more

Rudy B 1 year ago

Had a Mobil order I wouldn?t recommend using the app, if you use your points for let?s say a frappe and the machine is out of... service you are out of luck. The employees have know way of returning your points that you used to Redeem that 6000 pointsfrappe?. Second thing is that I Ordered a large fries with NO Salt so they can be fresh and HOT. I was told to pull up and theywould run my food out, 15min later I decided to see what was going on with my food. As I Approached the door just then theemployee comes out with my order forgot who I was and that I was waiting. I waited all that time just to receive cold FOOD/friesand a cold burger. If I wanted a cold sandwich I would have went to subway? Read more

Beth Zimmerman 1 year ago

I went through the drive thru on August 3rd. The woman at the drive thru window told me my total when I drove up and said it... was less because she gave me the senior citizens discount on my soda. She said that I looked like I was 10 years older thenher. I was in such shock I didn't know what to say. I am not 55, nor do I think I look 55 or 10 years older then the women whowaited on me. Like I said I was so offended I didn't know what to say, very rude of her!!! I'd give you zero stars if I could!! Read more

Dave Kofoed 1 year ago

They did fine. I would have given them 5 stars if they asked us to pull forward to keep the line moving. Sunday at about... 6:30pm. Only about 3-4 cars ahead of us. Ordered 5 meals, 5 drinks and McFlurry. We sat at the window for about 7 minuteswaiting for them to get our order together. I felt bad for the people behind my s in line. By the time we drove away therewere 15 cars in the line. They should have asked us to pull for so they could keep it he line moving. Read more

Christa Moen 1 year ago

Good fast service with excellent workers quick and on point with your order when going through drive-thru.