Reviews for Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, MS

Mary Langan 2 years ago

Had a lovely brunch. The menu wasn't as big on 'creative twists on classics' as I thought it'd be but that could be either a pro... or a con depending on your perspective. I was primarily just happy there were multiple tempting vegetarian options. The coffeewas good, biscuits were worth eating and my dish, the yard work Skillet, was memorable - the goat cheese definitely did set itapart. So in the end, perhaps there were just the right number of twists on the menu... Atmosphere was old time diner, servicewas friendly and efficient, restaurant was celebrating Pride in style (which made everything taste better). Also recommend theantique shop across the parking lot - fun, well air conditioned antique hunting to be had. Read more

Luke Schmidt 2 years ago

The amount of elderly couples I saw here was crazy. It's always a good sign to see a bunch of elderly people at a restaurant. I... don't think elderly folk are constantly trying new restaurants. I'd imagine they've tried enough restaurants at this point toknow which ones they like. It's probably the same reason why you don't see a lot of elderly folk drinking truly or white claw.If you want to see love last and get some delicious food, Big Bad Breakfast is the place to go. Read more

Kelley St. Germain 2 years ago

I can see why this Oxford, MS breakfast joint is SO busy and crowded! Great food! We loved it so much we went back the next day... and ate there again. Highly recommend the Creole Omelet and the fresh orange juice. The biscuits are to die for! Yummmmmmmmmm! Read more

Jon McClung 2 years ago

There was only a 20 minute wait to be seated and our food came pretty quickly once we ordered. Service was all around responsive... and helpful. The food was delicious and reasonably priced, although I can't say it rocked my world. The crispy potato cake was abit dry, probably because it was too thin. The decor was '50s Southern diner but it felt more vintage than old. EDIT:unfortunately dropping from five stars to three because the food made me sick. Read more

Hoyt Phillips 2 years ago

Great place for breakfast. It?s really popular so try adding your name to the list in Yelp so you don?t have to wait in line as... long. The service is very attentive and friendly. The atmosphere is really warm and even when it?s crowded it?s not that loud -so you can easily have a conversation. The food is delicious - be sure to try a biscuit (one of best I?ve had) and also thebrûlée grapefruit - tastes as good as it sounds and when are you gonna ever see that on a menu again?!. I?d definitely visitagain. Read more

Dee Dee 2 years ago

This experience was pretty okay! I purchased the creole omelet and 2 pancakes and the person I was with ate the chicken and... waffles. I personally did not like the eggs and preferred them to be more done. Everything else was good. Also the chicken withthe waffles, were not favorable, because one piece of chicken was dark meat & that wasn?t his preference. The wait was not verylong and the waiters were friendly but quite busy. The experience felt nice but it is not very spacious. Altogether, I enjoyedthe experience. Around ~35 for 2, which is reasonable for breakfast! Read more

Sara M 2 years ago

Good breakfast options. Staff was very nice. Cozy dinner atmosphere. Everything we got was very good. I really liked their... menu, I felt there was something for everyone. Read more

Annie Meddler 2 years ago

Wow what a nice place to eat at. The food was good. The atmosphere was nice. Totally need to stop by and check it out for... yourself. We had a good time and good eats. The staff is wonderful.. We will visit again. Thanks for the experience. Read more