Reviews for Smoothie King in Oxford, MS

shelter dor 1 year ago

Simply irresistible! Great place to wind down and give yourself a well earned sweet treat.

Addison Whitsell 2 years ago

The smoothies are so good

Barret Brewster 2 years ago

I ordered a 40oz Hulk through Uber eats, so of course it was $23 by the time it got to me. Then it was largely ice and water. ... Plus the top ten percent of the smoothie was missing Read more

Eliza Knight 2 years ago

Antoinette J took our order in the drive thru and was extremely rude to me and my family as we were trying to order. I'd never... been to smoothie king before and I ordered a Green Tea tango and I was not aware that it came with an add-in option so I was abit confused when she asked me if I wanted a fruit or veggie. Instead of helping me in my confusion with the order Antoinettewas extremely impatient with me and snapped at me and just kept barking at me "fruit or veggie? " in an angry tone and sighingand making me feel dumb even when I tried to ask for clarification. Eventually her coworker took over and finally explained myoptions to me and I could finally complete my order. After we pulled up to the window to pay, when the other coworker repeatedour order to us, I realized Antoinette rang me up for a 32 Oz instead of a 20 Oz drink. Because I was so flustered with how rudeAntoinette had been to me, I didn't realize that a medium at Smoothie King was not the 20 Oz size. That was my mistake and Iunderstand that now but instead of simply changing the order I heard Antoinette say in the background very loudly "I repeatedtheir order back to them but whatever". For the entire interaction with Antoinette I just continued to feel extremely insultedand she just made me feel very dumb and small the whole time. I just simply wanted to go to smoothie king today and leave with atasty smoothie to enjoy and instead I left feeling awful and insulted and I don't think I would return if this is how theemployees at smoothie king treat their customers. Read more

Jason Tayles 2 years ago

One of our favorite chain smoothie places. Lots of options, clean stores and various dry snacks and canned energy drinks are... also available. Read more

Dawn Cardenas 2 years ago

I only ever get one thing when I go, the Green Tea Tango with unsweetened strawberries, but everytime I've went, the workers... have been kind and very fast with my order! I try to tip whenever I can because they really pick me up on bad days! Read more

Fairy Godmother 5 years ago

Very good customer service and delicious drinks I went here twice while in town visiting, I might come back for a 3rd time... tomorrow :) Read more

Katina White 5 years ago

I enjoyed the smoothie, it was very tasty! The only problem I had with the establishment is that the line moved very slow and it... took at least 20 minutes for me to get one smoothie. Other than that the smoothie was very enjoyable and I will definitely begoing back in a different location. Read more