Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Philadelphia, MS

The O40 1 year ago

If you love to sit at a sonic for 30 min and have no response THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!! can sit and smell the black and mild smoke... coming from the other cars and not to mention waste your time getting home to your family. 10 out of 10 will not go again I hopethis was helpful to the ones that wish to waste there lives away waiting for any kind of service. Read more

Skarlotte Snow 1 year ago

Always good and fast. Getting pricey but good none the less

Penny Stanton 1 year ago

We had ordered the new steak sandwich and they got our order all wrong. I was very disappointed ????. We got 2 sandwiches on... buttered toasted bun with cheese ???? and onions. We had ordered the fritos burritos and we got the mini ones not the regularsize one. I was looking forward to trying out the new steak sandwich ????. Read more

Sandra Huffman 1 year ago

The car hop was really nice and the guy that took the order but they did not get the order right at all and what we got it... wasn't that great. We ordered the garlic steak burger, tried to get it off the app but couldn't get it to work right. As you canSee in the pics what we ordered was not what we got. I love sonic but they are becoming a big disappointment more and more.Kosciusko Ms and Philadelphia Ms as well. Read more

Valerie Watkins 1 year ago

The service was great and so was the food!

Ashley Earnest 1 year ago

I just had the best experience at sonic. I was served by Jeremy on 9-13-22 at 4:25pm and his customer service really brightened... my day! ?? Give that man a raise ????????? Great food and atmosphere! Read more

Wanda Smith 2 years ago

Great Service Great Food. Even my little doggie "Killer"won't eat any other fast food except Sonic double cheeseburger meat and... cheese. My whole family loves your food. Keep up the good work. Read more

Brittany Dees 2 years ago

Ordered ahead on the sonic app. Placed order at 1:12pm- arrived and checked in at 1:17pm and they were busy , I completely... understand. While we waited a car hop came around with someone's order to see if it was ours about 3 times.. after I checked intwice around 1:25 someone came through to speaker to take our order, I explained we ordered ahead and told them my name , theysaid our order would be right out . About 1:35 still nothing so I paged back in , someone walked out to speak with me.Thankfully I had screenshot our order , so he took a picture of it. We got our food about 1:49pm... cheese sticks cold.. finewhatever at this point we are lucky to have food.. my 10 yr old opened her chicken sandwich and said oh man there's hair .. shepulled 3 hairs off her sandwich.. so I walked up to the door with my ticket and her sandwich.. as I told the car hop, Iunderstand slow business..I can even understand food that is not just super fresh and hot.. hair I don't understand .. prettysure I'm done this time.. Read more