Reviews for Wendy's in Philadelphia, MS

Andy Duncan 1 year ago

For two week now, I have stopped on multiple occasions to get a Large chocolate frosty, only to be told that they don?t have... chocolate right now. All they have is the peppermint that they will have chocolate tomorrow.!!! Each a different day - SameVERSE!! Read more

Rashad Welch 1 year ago

Ordered a chicken sandwich and got a burger. I was too tired to go back so I ate it smh. When I pulled to the window it's too... much playing and giggling going on that's probably how I got the wrong order. Read more

Pearlie_Mae?s_Pantry 1 year ago

Overpriced, front counter staff young lady in the evening is extremely rude ( just stares at the customers and doesn?t say a... word), fries are never fresh, and the all natural lemonade has a strong rancid taste no matter what time of day you order it is Read more

Cynthia Nicholson 1 year ago

The food was so hot especially fríes yessss! Starkville Wendy's is so better than Louisville Wendy's all day long anytime.

Bobbie Coleman 2 years ago

Food good, with short wait time. Sherry B. was very nice.

Matthew Bailey 2 years ago

Always fresh, never frozen is the key of how good their triple burgers are. I like Wendy's restaurant food better than most... others for the classic menu of my favorites, like Whataburger has as well. Read more

Jeremy DeLay 2 years ago

I will say the service was fast but food wasn't so much which lately last few Wendy's I been to hasn't been that great either I... love Wendy's and have had some awesome experiences but not the case for last few I been to but this place was in need of acleaning and employees cooking definitely should have a hair net or something if they got long hair just saying but I will beback to see if it was just a bad day which I get and understand Read more

Emily Baker 2 years ago

The food was fine. I went to the restroom after we ate and the ladies restroom was FILTHY. One toilet was clogged with dirty... toilet paper and the seat was covered in excrement. The other stall was almost as bad. People are disgusting. Fast food workersshouldn't have to clean up after gross people who don't know how to use a toilet or clean up after themselves, but consideringthat such people exist (!!!!), I guess the workers should be checking the bathroom periodically throughout the day so nobodywalks in on a stomach-turning mess. Read more