Reviews for Subway in Pine Bluffs, WY

Jozie Smith 1 year ago

I don?t recommend stopping at this subway unless you want to have complete attitude from the two older woman that were making... the sandwiches. The skinny old woman was completely attitude driven and with a sour voice when she said ? So on bread!?? All thetoppings were completely covered over so I had to run and look at the sheet that told what they had, with attitude again ? Doyou have another sandwich order?!? I felt completely rushed and I did have a couple more but with her attitude and the way shewas just daggering glares at me I finished my order with two and a milk the other petite older big woman had asked me with aweird tone ? Are you sure your gonna want the one drink?!? I felt completely saddened I was treated that way that I almostdidn?t want to order anything ,I wanted to leave as quickly as possible. I hope subway actually reads these reviews otherwisethese sour attitude woman would just bring bad business!. Read more

Josie Rychecky 1 year ago

I went here to grab a quick bite and the one girl who was making the sandwiches did not change gloves nor wash her hands after... handling tomatoes or veggies. She then proceeded to touch all the tools and touched the oven tray without a care in the world. The one lady who finished my sandwich touched all the same things this girl did and put my veggies on my sandwich. I wont becoming back anytime soon. Read more

Jakob Taylor 1 year ago

Very good food and as an employee of subway our service gotten better and faster really polite and well mannered

Sara S 2 years ago

The food is good. The employee who helped me was just a nasty person. I politely asked her to cut the tomatoes in half. She... acted like I told her to carve them into a sculpture of George Washington or something. I come to this location often. I'll nowbe asking for every single vegetable (including the lettuce) to be cut in half just to annoy her. Her personality is much bettersuited for the DMV or post office. Read more

Lacy Graham 2 years ago

I have been in multiple times and every time the same employee is always rude. believe her name is Patty? First time I went in... and asked for a southwest steak wrap and she proceeded to tell me that has been discontinued but I just got it 2 days ago inCheyenne. Skimpy with all ingredients to the point I asked for a few extra and that wasn?t what she wanted to hear apparently.Love subway but management needs to be looked at. Read more

Channa Higuera 2 years ago

Flies in all the food. Workers are rude. Snotty. If you don't like your job that much just leave. Worker sneezed in her hands... then touched condiments. This place needs to be looked in to. Read more

Lisa Graham 2 years ago

Right when my daughter and I got up to the counter the girl sneezed in the direction of where all the condiments were and... processed to put her gloves on. Didn't wash here hands. Disgusting will not be back and will not recommend this subway. Pleasetrain your employee's better. Read more

Katie Kephart 2 years ago

I ordered from my phone and did a pick up. I do not recommend doing this at this location. I arrived because it said my order... was ready. When I got there my order wasn?t started let alone ready. They were out of cookies but they had already ran my card.The employee came to my car 3 times to ask or explain if something was out. Then when he delivered sandwiches he left out thechips. I got back to our hotel and 1 of our sandwiches was missing the veggies. Just go in person to save yourself the headache. Read more