Reviews for Burger King in Platteville, WI

Jordan Page 1 year ago

Got the 2 meals for $5.99 our fries were lukewarm at best our mozzarella sticks were cold my boyfriends chicken sandwich was... harder than a rock in the middle. There were at least 3 workers and they were deader than a door nail there?s no reason our foodshould?ve been lukewarm. Read more

Cap_N_ Munch 1 year ago

Pretty great location. Platteville is really expanding and growing these past few years. Burger King isn't usually very busy.... There's plenty of parking. This is a great, cheap place to bring your kids and family. Very clean and well taken careof. Downside: EVERY time I go, they have messed up my order in one way or another. I could forgive once or twice. But this isliterally every single time I go. The people that work here know very little about their job or their product. They are a bunchof under educated college kids working their first job. Give them a break here and there. Don't harass them through the drivethru and cuss at them at the counter. Read more

William Long 1 year ago

Nice, clean, comfortable dining. Food came fast and hot. Was nervous when Google maps listed not open for dine in but was glad... when it was open because I really wanted to sit and eat and not take on road. Read more

Lynda Fuller 1 year ago

Waited about ten minutes in the drive thru before a worker came out and said it would be a 30 minute wait. She was the only... employee in the building at the time. The manager ran an ?errand? to the bank on a Sunday. It was mid afternoon. We left andwent somewhere else to eat. Read more

Jeff Burke 1 year ago

Went in today as a doordash delivery driver. Staff took 10 minutes to acknowledge I was there then put in the order for my... customer. Observed a guy washing dishes dropping them on the floor and putting them on a drying area without rewashing afterthey were on the floor. Then told broiler wasn't working right and would be even longer for food. Worst service, staff and foodin Platteville. Read more

Michael Balsewicz 2 years ago

Be sure to have 30-45 minutes set aside to wait in the drive through. Even with nobody in line, takes over a half an hour to get... your food. Staff here are very short with you when you do eventually get your food. Don?t expect to be treated very well or withany respect. Try to avoid coming to this location, the McDonald?s across the street has much better service and that?s sayingsomething? Read more

Jaelyn Alia 2 years ago

Literal mold on my sandwhich, seeing this made me sick. I do not go here often because there is a long wait which is respected... because there isn't many employees. I've saw a review from 4 months ago showing a croissant with mold on it aswell. Never goingthere again this definitely takes the cake. Read more

Egg Queen Wanabee 5 years ago

Located in the same parking lot as Menards; easy to find. Lots of parking. Welcome to Platteville. As I visited only within... their first week of opening, they still have alot of kinks to work out. Short staffed for being their first week of business;employees still unsure of what to do. Good customer service should be universal, and with any experience in the public servicespecter, should simply be a given to provide. So my suggestion is, work on good customer service, acknowledge your guests,apologize (for the delay, the food, whatever). I will remember you did that, and made the attempt to recognize me as a vitalkey to your success than whether my order was wrong. Time will tell for you, Platteville Burger King. I will grant you thelearning curve. If you deem this review helpful, please give it a like. Thank you. Read more