Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in Plover, WI

Toga Party 1 year ago

We went here a few times it was pretty good tonight......is another story The food. Is ridiculously priced. My fiance ordered a... steak and it was damn near a 4 dollar quality slab of beef on a Plate with an enormous amount of butter. My burger was ok butliterally feel like puking. The waitress was not nice at all. Almost sexist. She seemed nicer to my fiance but eh with me. No"Hey how is everything can I refill your drink." Nothing. Not impressed this time. My fiance did get sick after. Shame wewon't be coming back Read more

Amanda Markewicz 1 year ago

Great food, service was ok due to short staff, however some people could be nicer.

Ana Marin 1 year ago

I try my best to see good in bad but at first the lady didn't even know we're to look for the drink I ask her and she told me to... get a beer because it was easy for her to put it on the order than she asked for the other drinks and didn't wait for me to askfor something to drink for my son than my food was completely cold and it was fajitas that are supposed to be extra hot only theplate was at this point I was not happy about it than we were eating and she came to us and ask if we had finished our mealafter not even 5 minutes that she bring us the food she also make a comment that was out of place saying I'm a minor and I'm notsupposed to know the drinks name because I don't drink I'm glad she doesn't but she should know the names so she can sell thedrinks not only beers the place is amazingly clean but definitely I won't recommend to any of my friends or family if this younglady is the server she totally ruin our family dinner tonight and I'm not even feeling good after eating a cold meal Read more

Danny Gates 1 year ago

Food is delicous but not worth the wait. Customer service is the worst. They barely said hi, never said we will be right with... you. Had the wait almost 45 minutes fir a burger and fries, to go. To bad cause the ambiance there us nice but with bad servicenot worth it. Read more

Sam Downey 1 year ago

We celebrated my wife's birthday here, and it was very special. The food was excellent and the service exemplary. We will return... even though it is over an hour away from where we live. Why is there no chili's in Wisconsin dells? Read more

Jessica Bateman 1 year ago

Everytime I've come the food has come in a timely manner and is decent, not the best food but still good. However, today I saw... something truly amazing from one of the employees... An elderly woman was struggling to walk back to her table when one of thewaitresses offered to help her back. She showed no annoyance at the slow pace or how much weight the older woman was putting onher. She brought her back with smiles and it was truly nice to see. Read more

scott coolhand68 1 year ago

Did not know they seasoned there burgers a fries with a black pepper seasoning to bites of my burger and started to have an... allergic reaction. Said something to the waitress about my pepper allergies and kitchen completely remade my order without anyseasoning. A great big thank you to the waitress and kitchen staff for helping me because of my allergy. Read more

Becky Vickrey 1 year ago

The food was very good! Chicken strips were crispy and delicious. Fries were fresh cut style. The service, on the other hand,... was lacking. One in my party was not offered any drink refills. We didn't see our waitress for 10-15 minutes. Read more