Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in Ponca City, OK

Dora Hand 1 year ago

It's the only place I like to get ribs. But if you want to keep a conservative budget pay attention because they are not... cheap. You can eat there reasonably but you may not get to order what you prefer. Their menu can be overwhelming for some. It is both limited and too much at the same time. Read more

Joyce cannon 1 year ago

Waited way too long for someone to even come take our order. There was only 4 other people in the restaurant. Waitresses were... busy chatting and laughing. As we were leaving the lady wanted to seat us, so she never even knew we were there. Won't go back! Read more

R HHAULERS 1 year ago

I eaten here before and it wasn't a good experience, but I was in town again and decided to give it another shot. The bar area... server seemed to be the only one that works hard. As for the famous chips and salsa, the salsa was watered down so bad itwouldn't stay on the chips. The steak was badly over cooked and vegetables looked like they were under a heat lamp from the daybefore. I love Chili's chips and salsa, but not at this Chili's. Maybe 3rd time could be the charm in the future, but I doubtit. Read more

Steve Green 1 year ago

Food was great, lots of it. Service was very good. Wife's birthday, server gave her the option- have staff come out & sing... happy birthday or QUIETLY get some ice cream with flavoring. Wife chose quiet. Read more

Ramona Seymour 1 year ago

The waitress was amazing so attentive to all she served she made the experience awesome

Earl Ball 1 year ago

Haven?t eaten at Chilies for quite some time, but took a group of friends in last evening and was sorely disappointed in our... experience and we will not be returning any time soon, if ever. To be kind I cannot fault the wait staff, as our waitress wasas accommodating as she could be in light of the circumstances. Unfortunately, the kitchen staff was less than accommodatingand extremely poor in their presentation and quality of food they provided. To begin, Chilie?s atmosphere is load, which makesit extremely hard to have a reasonable conversation with those with which you are dining, but Chilie?s ability to provide theirentrees to our group of ten in a timely manner was completely disastrous. My wife ordered a simple Caesar Salad with GrilledChicken and the dressing on the side, which the waitress correctly wrote down, but the kitchen staff could not correctlyprovide. When it was presented, my wife noted the error and asked to have it corrected, at which time the waitress cordiallytook the plate back to the kitchen for correction. When the corrected order was retuned, the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chickenwas essentially a plate of Romain lettuce with no Parmesan cheese, no crotons, no dressing and very little chicken. Our othermembers of the group also had problems with their orders and several received their entrees as much as 15 to 20 minutes aftertheir spouse received their dinners and without their requested condiments or sides. In light of Chilie?s recent menu changeand price increases you would think the management would make sure they were providing an exemplary customer experience, topform of product and service for the prices they are now charging. Again, this was not the wait staffs fault, but falls ondirectly of kitchen staff and management?s lack of proper over-site. This was truly a very disappointing experience and mywife and I nor our group of friends will ever be returning to our local Chilie?s restaurant, again. Read more

Marvin Magana 1 year ago

Bar was full but still was able to sit in the general area. Staff was nice and attentive. The steak and shrimp fajitas were good... not great but not disappointing. Overall would visit this location again. Read more

James Rice 2 years ago

The oranges for the kid's meal were frozen, the pasta was cold the appetizer platter thing all the food was cold and looked old.... The only good thing was the salad. Read more