Reviews for Taco Bell in Ponca City, OK

Uncle Perv 1 year ago

While the food was good like always it was a rather hostile environment. At around 1pm on Nov. 4th the manager was incredibly... loud and aggressive towards his crew to the point where one walked out. Yelling across the restaurant was a little uncalled for. Read more

Jason Franqui 1 year ago

Would leave a negative -10 star if possible. After waiting 35 mins for my order that was given to a door dasher. Then being... told by an employee that I was basically lying about not getting my order. How she called out my name. While I sat one of theround tables watching all the orders being made. Wasn't until I started getting aggravated at the shift manager. That theyfinally decided to ( remake) my order. I am absolutely not happy with this location and will never return. Even if it is onanother business trip in Ponca City I will never return to this establishment. After getting back to my hotel room. I discoveredthat my food was basically thrown in each of the wrappings. most of the insides of each of my tacos and even my burrito weremade with poor care or skill. The extra ingredients I asked for/ paid for. We're not even included to my items. Other than thePepsi that I had to get myself. The whole order was wrong. Would give the order number. But when I ask for my receipt. It hadalready been thrown out. Read more

Kylie McDaniel 1 year ago

for the last year they leave their chips and mexican pizza shells under the lights for so long they get this poison taste to... them by the time they serve them. their manager just raged and hung up instead of offering to make it right. I would avoid thistaco bell at all costs. Read more

Fit me 1 year ago

I used to work here. A long time ago. And when I worked there, my managers made sure that quality was too priority. But since my... whole crew quit for various reasons in the past couple years. The whole restaurant went down in flames. They don't read theorders when they make the items. Every time I've ordered in the past two years they have messed up my order. And not a little.I've bitten down and the shell be so stail that I couldn't chew it. I hope they can fix whatever they need to because this placeis being ran to the ground. Maybe my old general manager needs to come back. He was good at keeping everyone on track andkeeping us trained Read more

Matt Smith 1 year ago

My wife picked up some TBell for dinner tonight less than 20 min ago, the stuff is still warm. I took a bite of my 5 layer... burrito and noticed something a little "off" but thought it might have been because I took a drink of Coke Zero prior to takinga big bite. My wife then asked me if there was something wrong with my burrito cause she had just taken a bite of her beanburrito. It was at that moment I knew I had messed up by swallowing that bite of burrito. Turns out, the beans arerancid. We've eaten at this location before without any problems. But tonight, don't eat the beans. We called and warned thelocation, they offered to remake the worst burrito I've ever eaten in my life... I'll pass. Read more

Patrik Cornett 1 year ago

This used to be the fastest, best Taco Bell I had ever been to. They have done away with cashier's/order takers. You have to... order from a machine. It is a lengthy, difficult process that is difficult to be sure you ordered what you really wanted. Then,the line crew move like turtles. Slowest service EVER from a fast food restaurant. I am VERY disappointed in what this store hasbecome. Read more

Ariel Taylor 1 year ago

Gave it three stars because I usually love coming here. Two days ago I went again with my aunt and son and it could have been... way better. I ordered my aunt three hard tacos with just extra meat and cheese, well when she got them, there was no extra meatand they had lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. We complained and they said they couldn't do anything for us. My three soft tacoswere good, but it was like they just put a glob of sour cream on one side. The next thing was I ordered a normal chicken wrapfor my son which was supposed to only have cheese and chicken in it, but it had hot sauce in it. We didn't complain about itbecause they told us the first time they wouldn't do anything. The drink station was a horrible mess and it stayed that way forthe whole 40 minutes we were there. (I ended up wiping it off) We also got a free cinnamon twist bag right after we ordered. Isaw a ton of new employees there so maybe they just need to be better equipped/trained. Read more

Aleasha Rowe 2 years ago

My experience was a complete disaster as shown in the photos. It?s literally so terrible I couldn?t stop laughing!!! I thought... it was a prank. I called and they were very rude, immature and unprofessional. Should have posted this ages ago. How do theystay in business? Stay away from PC Taco Bell. Read more