Reviews for Royal Farms in Port Deposit, MD

Glenn W 1 year ago

If my two choices were this Royal Farms or weeds along the road... I would choose the weeds before I ever walked back in this... store again. From the associate's yelling at each other and ignoring the customers to the type of customers that were in thestore. Never again. Read more

Brady Evans 1 year ago

Food's good, staff is usually good, but the parking lot is too small and the gas pumps are the slowest in the world.

Lara Cook 2 years ago

UNSANITARY! No soap in the bathroom asked manager, she said oh it doesn?t work you have to scoop it out. Ok maybe hand... sanitizer? didn?t have that either ???? After the bathroom, you grab what you want touch everything with gross dirty hands, atcheck out you touch the same door handle, your card, your food/chips, and everyone else?s dirty hands Read more

James Maida 2 years ago

Staff inside is always polite and helpful and the food is good bug good lord this place has the slowest pumps on the planet. And... every additional customer on a pump makes the whole system that much slower. Over 25 minutes to get 18 gallons of fuel. Read more

Lisa Weaver 3 years ago

Always yummy & Great service. Parking is a bit tight especially with the boat, But we make do ????

John Lyons 3 years ago

I went to get the 8 piece special the thighs and breasts came out in a new batch that I saw her bring out. The legs and wings... were from an old batch which I mentioned I wanted the fresh ones.. she said these go first so I asked with the approximatenumber of orders 5 before mine all came out of the new chicken i again requested the new stuff but she refused to give me thenew stuff and the chicken was dry and cold im calling corporate in the am Read more

David Cullen 4 years ago

My wife just visited this location as its the closest to our house. She asked for no cheese on her sub as she is lactose... intolerant, yet the person working in the deli put cheese on the sub. Thankfully she is able to just remove the cheese andstill eat the food. If she had been allergic to dairy, we would had too of thrown the food away and wasted it. All otherlocations have been great, but deli errors constantly happen at this location (different shifts and deli workers). Read more

A.F. James MacArthur 6 years ago

This one of the smaller Royal Farms, so parking was a little tight for me when I pulled in with my small RV and trailer. Store... was well stocked and neatly laid out. Entire place appeared over all to be clean and well maintained. Staff greeted me friendly. Read more