Reviews for Swiss Chalet in Port Elgin, ON

James Dodds 1 year ago

The website offers delivery in Port Elgin On THEY DO NOT Remove from website

Scott Baldwin 1 year ago

Friday November 22, 2022 4:59pm I went to the restaurant to order dinner for two, and just finished dinner at home. Let me say... that this was by far the best Swiss Chalet meal I have purchased that I can remember. From the young lad who took my order tothe lady who brought out my order, all were very polite and efficient. Well done, and thank you! Read more

Bob ?Pizza Bob? McAulay 1 year ago

Been trying to order the rotisserie chicken wrap for over a week on their useless app. Finally found out it was not available at... this location. Yesterday I go thru the drive thru and there it is on the board available to order. Too bad the left handdoesn't know what the right one is doing lol. Great communication. Read more

Neil Sarginson 1 year ago

Port Elgin, evidently ordering ahead means little, drive through takes precedent, even if you order ahead. Top tip, don't order... on line for this location, just go to the drive through. You will then likely be asked to pull ahead and park (evidently thedefinition of drive through is not understood) You could go in and order, however, you will be annoyed as six drive throughorders are placed and filled, before your order is filled Read more

Ray Riley 1 year ago

I just waited 25 min in drive thru before I went in and asked for my money back. 1/4 chicken and chicken sandwich is all I... ordered. With service like that how do they stay open?? The manager was surprised I wanted my money back, leads me to believethis happens all the time. And the mangers ?sorry ?was very unapologetic. Last time I go there. There was two vehicles in frontof me who waited longer. Read more

NorthernTraveller10 1 year ago

Keep running out of chicken. Been here twice now and both times were 6:30 in the evening. Sorry. We ran out of chicken and... don?t want to waste anything. So we stopped cooking them earlier. How can a place who specializes in chicken always seem to beout of chicken at dinner time? Giving up on this place. Read more

Scott Vernem 2 years ago

Usual expected chicken, but the store's CAA discount reader was failing and they refused to manually apply the nationally... advertised 10% discount. Clerk would not work on any solution to the issue. No compromise. "It's a CAA problem not ours". Iwould not say this is the kind of attitude that will keep my dollars coming. Read more

Aim For the Stars 2 years ago

Very disappointed with my experience at this restaurant. I understand that with covid every business is allowed to set their own... policies but this was not a nice experience. So, we had our truck and enclosed trailer that would not fit in the drive thru. Thecars we backed out to the road. So I walked in to the restaurant. There was a table just inside the door saying that I was towait there for someone to come with my phone order. I did not have my phone on me, so I was unable to call in my order. Butthere was 3 other men inside waiting at the counter for their orders. So, I went up and asked if I could place an order. She wasvery rude to me. I explained to her that I didn't have a vehicle or my phone.Again she was rude saying that I was to call myorder in cause that was what the sign said. Or I could walk through the drive thru. I asked if I heard her correctly, You wantme to walk through the drive thru? That is the only way you will take my order? She said Yes. I was in shock! Most restaurant'sthat have a drive thru will not take your order if you walk thru. Needless to say I didn't get any food. And I will not be goingback anytime soon Read more