Reviews for Tim Hortons in Port Elgin, ON

Tom Houston 1 year ago

I always stop by Tim's for a quick snack, lunch or supper. A quick, cheap way to eat on your travels. I love the different soups... and I a coffee. Read more

PhilyJ 1 year ago

constant line ups thru the parking lot, didnt bother me that much till i get to the window and see 3 workers just standing there... and one hustling trying to get everyones orders done. they dont seem to understand they all work for the same location andshould be helping eachother out. and to boot 3 days in a row now ive ordered a begal with bacon and havent recieved my bacon onthe begal. asked for a refund today at the window and was told teres nothing they can do for me. buy 2-3 coffees a day fromhere, and sometimes food. Lets just say i will not be spending my money here no more... Read more

Selekia Bennett 1 year ago

Love the coffee but drive thru only due to staffing problems didn't feel was a good time to wait over 10mins for a coffee with... only one car in front of me but was glad I barely made it before theylosed the drive thru at 1pm for the day.... Read more

Lori Shepperd 1 year ago

The last couple of times we have gone, the scanner for the app has been down, so you cannot redeem or get points. I can... understand being down for a day or so, but we went on a Tuesday and then weren't back again until the Saturday and the scannerwas still down, unless it just happened to break again. If that's the case, maybe they need a new one! We have found the peopleat the window are also hit and miss. Some are very friendly, say hello, here is your order, repeat what you got, then have anice day and others grunt and glare at you, almost throw your drinks at you and I'm sure if they were allowed would follow itwith an f-off. We've had that experience quite a few times going through the drive thru before. Read more

Jess H 1 year ago

Don't bother going to either Tim Hortons in town if you are a walker. Both are only open for drive through and front doors are... locked. Guess McDonald's it is from now on. Read more

Jack van Ham 1 year ago

Small but mighty. This place offers no dine-in option, however it offers plenty of items to make up for that. Excellent... friendly service, fantastic selection of food and drinks, and everything fresh. Speed of service was also great (around noon ona Tuesday) Read more

Janaka Bandara 1 year ago

The guys served us was very rude. He told me to call him in advance and give him the order if I'm ordering $40 order and shut... the window at me. This is an unacceptable attitude. I understand that it can be busy but if you can't handle the pressure thendon't work at a fast good service. Read more

Rahat Ali 2 years ago

Excellent steeped tea. Fresh and hot! Thank you for stirring it well for me so that I can enjoy the same taste from first sip to... the last while driving. I also appreciate your courtesy and kindness. Please keep it up. Read more