Reviews for Wendy's in Port Elgin, ON

Lori Shepperd 1 year ago

Always good food and service. We had to add onto our order and they were great about it and got it correct still.

Sylvia Fox Bevan 1 year ago

Southwest Salad was excellent baked potatoe barely warm? Order taker said check online for any allergens and wouldn't check...... Online didn't have any ingredients information about the caramel apple frosty nor did the app which says it's supposed to listthem all. Was fast and efficient otherwise tho. Read more

Claire Scanlon 1 year ago

I mean Wendys is great but I?ve had many bad experiences here. They rip you off every chance they get. I?ve ordered JBCs and... received them without bacon, tried used coupons and they don?t honour them :( Read more

Michele Crawford 1 year ago

There was very little drink selection. The outside patio was dirty with a splat of what looked like tomato thrown at the wall.... Waited for our meal which is not an issue but the chicken stripes sat on the tray getting cold while waiting for the buger. Wewatched the manager constantly correcting the staff as they where not filling drive thru orders correctly. However the food wasgood and the staff was friendly. Read more

Marianne Young 1 year ago

Wanted a small Strawberry salad, advised by manager they only have large. Standing at counter looking into dirty kitchen.... Garbage & food on floor. Food prep person wearing gloves touching everything picking food up pushing into containers. Wanted tosanitize my hands. Hand sanitizer empty told the clerk, shrugged her shoulders. Bathroom dirty and not equipped. Just a dirtyfeeling.. Not returning..! Read more

Leanne Houston 1 year ago

Went through drive-thru, the guy taking the order kept rushing us saying is that it(no other cars waiting) ordered a burger... combo and a taco salad. The combo was a little light on fries, they didn't give us the taco chips, sour cream for the salad!,chili was cold , but ok)(should of checked before we left) when I called to say part of my order was missing you just got ananswering service, left a message but never got a call back!(called twice) Bad customer service! Read more

Keri Ann 1 year ago

So I have to say that Wendy's in Port Elgin is an entirely different experience than it is an Owen Sound. I honestly don't think... that they use the Applewood smoked bacon on their baconators Or any of the burghers that have bacon on them in Port. It's adifferent bacon and believe me when I tell you I've eaten enough baconators to know the difference. Applewood bacon is thick andhas a unique flavor and it's always cooked to the perfect Crispness in Owen sound. The Port Elgin branch uses a wimpy cast offversion of what they're trying to pass off as being Applewood Bacon... No way is it applewood nope no way... not at all...they're ripping us off! And I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that the bacon is horribly undercooked and has a slightlydiscolored look to it or the fact that they're literally trying to pass it off as the real deal!! Theyre probably taking homethe real bacon for their own use.. I don't know? what's the explanation?... The picture was the generous amount of bacon I gotwith my Burger..... Read more

NorthernTraveller10 4 years ago

Great Opening Experience. Love the quick service despite the steady traffic. Had the order right so hopefully they keep it this... way compared to the others. If you have a smaller trailer there is parallel parking on the back side by the drive thru which isnice. Love how Wendy?s offers good service and polite/friendly window services. This place is no different. Keep up thegreat work, glad to have you as part of our town. Read more