Reviews for Pizzeria Spacca Napoli in Port Moody, BC

Nicky Choi 1 year ago

I have been wanting to come for some time now. I was craving authentic Napoli pizza and wow.. I am so happy I waited 40 minutes... to finally try this place out!!! Sure the line was long but it was definitely worth the wait on a Saturday evening. While wewere waiting we were greeted by the manager of the restaurant and she was so kind to help us out with the drinks. She gave me alittle sampler of sparkling red wine and it was perfect for the cold weather outside! When we got inside we were able to getthe perfect spot in front of the hot hot oven where the magic all takes place! ???? they took the time to explain about theprocess and how the food is made. We decided we were going to get a salad a pizza and gnocchi! Oh my goodness it wassuperb! The arugula salad was phenomenal! It was full of olives, red pepper, roasted pine nuts and super tasty balsamicvinaigrette. Unfortunately I forget the name of the pizza we ate but it was one of their award-winning pizzas and it was sogood! I?ll be honest it?s a little bit on the heavy side so next time I go I?m definitely gonna try the margarita. Buthands-down I must say the four cheese gnocchi was ridiculously good. You must try this one! It?s a must must must! Last but notleast I got a tiramisu cake as well. Also a shot of espresso on the side! The cake is not too sweet so it really just hit thespot. Definitely something you should try if you have the room to eat more ???? All in all this is a really good place and Itotally recommend it! A simple getaway in a small town restaurant. A taste of Napoli in your front yard how amazing isthat! I?ll definitely be returning sometime soon! Can?t wait to try the other amazing things on the menu. Read more

Barb Agostini 1 year ago

This was my third time dining at Spacca Napoli. It?s a popular spot so I recommend getting there earlier on weekends.... Consistently very good pizzas. I definitely prefer the ones with tomato sauce. Seating is a bit tight for those that like morespace and it?s lively. Service and pricing are good as well. Read more

C Liew 1 year ago

Tried this place last night; we were blown off by the tasty unusual Neapolitan pizza ALLA FACCIAZZA $27! Texture of the pizza... is soft and almost chewy without hard crispy edge. The combination of pistachios, parma, etc, gave the pizza a unique palate. Delicious! RUCOLA $17 was our next favourite! Generous portion of Arugula, olives, pine nuts with balsamic reduction and oliveoil, simply 5*. Meatballs & turned out to be quite bland. Read more

Youngsoo Song 1 year ago

Went here for my bday dinner with a friend. Pizza was great (we both hand the winning pizzas and shared). The tiramisu was... ordinary (no fancy or novel flavors) but very good. I'd go again! Read more

Scott Lee 1 year ago

One of my all time favourite go-to pizza place in lower mainland. They don?t take reservations so be prepared to wait during... rush hours! I highly recommend their margherita and Siciliano pizza. Their bruschetta salad is also top notch. For appetizer, Iwould go with meatballs. One thing that I would say is that takeout is always disappointing because the pizza tends to have alot of water so the pizza gets quite soggy. It?s always best fresh out of the oven! If you?re willing to wait to get a table,this place is always worth it :) Read more

Rosangela Atte 2 years ago

?????????? Pizzeria Spacca Napoli in Port Moody. If you know pizza Napoletana like I do, I was born and raised in Napoli until I... was in my 20s, then you know Spacca is the real deal! Best pizza in Lower Mailand and possibly all of Vancouver, featured hereare the Capricciosa, Margherita, Double Smoked some antipasti and the pizza special of the day: Pistacchio, Mortadella andburrata. We had 7 pizze, forgot to take photos of the other 3. Don't expect the North American crispy bottom, soft crust, loadedwith stringy cheese and toppings pizza, which I also love. This is pizza Napoletana: chewy, floppy, smoky, with just enoughtoppings so you can taste every single, great quality ingredient. I don't miss the food back home often because as a chef andfood business owner, I can get any ingredient from back home and cook it myself, but if you don't have a brick, wood burningoven, it's pretty darn hard to reproduce this pizza, but when I do, I know where to go! If you haven't been to Spacca, doyourself a favor and go! They're always busy, so be prepared to wait! Read more

Kamal J 2 years ago

Wanted pizza after our day out exploring the Belcarra area and lakes. And found this place!! OMG! So happy we did! We started... with the meatball appy and Cesar?s. This is no ordinary meatball and sauce! Than that pizza with ricotta tucked in the crust! So many layers of flavours and a nice amt of spice! And my creamy soft delectable gnocchi! And on top of that, service like theold days! You gotta eat here! I?m not kidding!!! Read more

Cheryl Chan 2 years ago

OMG! Great pizza from a wood burning oven. The taste of all the pizza we ordered taste so good. They make their own chill oil... too. It goes so well with the pizza. We went there at opening time, already there were people lining up at 4.30pm! I kid younot! It is that good! Service was good! Absolutely no complaints- absolutely glad we found the place, actually my daughtershould take the credit for finding the place. Read more