Reviews for Pizza Factory in Portola, CA

Sean R. 1 year ago

So far this has been the Best Pizza Factory! The difference is in the details. Excellent pie!

Tye-Dye Kat-Dog 1 year ago

SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE. I'm currently doing remodeling on my small living space, so right now I'm down... to ready to eat food or pb&j (I'm tired of pb&j)..... So I called to see if it would be feasible to possibly get something topick up for dinner this evening. The phone conversation was 30 seconds long maximum, I hung up at 8:39pm, I understand that thatis cutting it very close to closing time. (I have worked in a kitchen before.) But with 22 minutes to close, maybe considerasking the caller what they were thinking about getting then accept or deny from there. Overall I'm really displeased andfrankly disappointed with the service and attitude that has come out of this restaurant as of late. If you don't want customersand you don't want to serve food to hungry patrons, then maybe consider closing permanently. I was trying to spend some hardearned money, but if you don't want it, that's fine, I won't be back. Read more

Trenton Schwier 1 year ago

You should fire parker he is very disrespectful and hung up the pone on me because he didn't want to take an order 20 min before... closing it was a small pizza and he said did you not hear that we close in 20 and he hung up the pone Read more

jessica Merkley 1 year ago

The food is over priced for the quality you will order an x large pizza for 30$ and it will be the size of a small. The... employees don?t wash there hands after smoking or doing anything. There is a much better pizza place on the other side of town. Read more

Dawn Carpenter 1 year ago

Tonight, I ordered 24 wings, half bbq half garlic Parmesan..I got 24 wings that look like popcorn chicken, lie it was the bottom... of the barrel pieces that had no garlic, no Parmesan and no bbq, just nasty plain chicken. The meal cost $32.00 and some centsplus a tip for delivery totaling $35.00 all for a meal I can?t eat. I called to let them know but it started to look like anissue for them to fix their mistake so I guess I throw away $35.00. These days $35.00 is a lot of money specially for someoneon medical leave and no income. Honestly I hope the employees of this place go through the same thing and lose money. Read more

Jacob McCauley 2 years ago

Cannot understand how they're still in business. Especially when you order pizza over the phone wait 45 minutes for it to be... ready only to show up and have the person behind the counter tell you they forgot to make it. Not once but twice in a row... Iwill never go back!! Read more

Matt M777 2 years ago

Ordered a mini pizza and wings. Asked for no sun dried tomatoes and paid for fresh tomatoes... Be sure to check you pizza before... you leave. My pizza was full of the sun dried tomatoes I specifically asked to be omitted. Staff was friendly and restaurant wasclean. Read more

Wez So_N_So 4 years ago

We where in town for a few days and all the locals said that we have to try the pizza ???? from Pizza Factory, because it is... great. So we went and got a large all meat ???? pizza and added pineapple too. It only took them about 20 mins to make it fromwhen we ordered it, and it was a busy Saturday night too. So all the rave reviews where true this was a great pizza ???? and wewill definitely be back to try out some more. Read more