Reviews for Panda Express in Providence, UT

Shania Olas 1 year ago

I was so excited when Panda launched their beyond orange chicken because finally one of my favorite places got a protein option... for me! I hate to be the person to complain, I really do because at the end of the day it?s just food and shouldn?t be that bigof deal??but today really sucked. I specifically asked for the beyond orange chicken, stated the whole name and orderedvegetarian items: Super Greens, chow mein, and vegetarian spring rolls. Got home and they gave me regular orange chicken, asthey were closed by the time I got home, there was nothing I could do. As a vegetarian who had worked a full day, then proceededto get started on a volunteer event I am hosting and work an additional 4 hours, all I wanted was to come home and not have tocook. I guess tonight just didn?t get to be that night. Read more

Samuel Arkoudas 1 year ago

They accidentally got our order mixed up but were very gracious in making it right. The staff was super friendly and the food... was great. My wife and I love coming here. Read more

Eric Cuevas 1 year ago

This Panda always has one issue or another. Better service at the northern location. And I overheard the manager say to the... staff that they don't have to seal the bags for delivery orders - yes you do. It protects the customer and driver and it's justunsanitary to not do it. Read more

Levi Mitton 1 year ago

I don?t have any complaints about the entrees but every panda in the valley needs to up their rice game every time I?ve been to... a panda in cache valley the rice has been dry, bland, and hard to even finish! Do better! Other locations around the state aredoing way better Read more

Andrea Bonar 1 year ago

They are giving us less of the entree now. I've ordered this a dozen times, so I know they gave me a lot more rice and less of... the Sweet Fire Chicken. I'm disappointed. Charge more and give me the same amount of the entree that you used to instead ofbeing cheap. My advice to other reviewers is to complain to corporate. Read more

Lacie Tongate 2 years ago

I ordered this from Uber eats to pick up. it is the large plate with two sides and three entrées. I got the teriyaki chicken,... the original orange chicken, and the Kung pow. Along with fried rice and chow mein. I will only be eating the vegetables fromthe Kung pow because the chicken is rubber and from the one piece that I ate the texture of it feels like it is not even cookedall the way through. The teriyaki Chicken is plain with no flavor or even sauce on it. The orange chicken is meh To say theleast and chow mein and fried rice have no flavor at all. I already know I?m going to regret eating this for tonight I feel Imay be sleeping next to the toilet. Plus it's cold. I will not be returning and I should have read the reviews before placing myorder because this place does not have good reviews almost at all. This company should really rethink either their menu or who?scooking it because it?s horrible and people are voicing Just how horrible it is! 10 minutes later update lol: I have takenanother picture of what I am throwing away and as you can see I am basically throwing everything away. Starting to not feel goodalready Read more

Jessica Wiser 2 years ago

Ordered takeout tonight for date night. Ordered the Kung Pao chicken, and it had 3 whole Chinese peppers. I bit one, thinking it... was a bell pepper, and my entire mouth was on fire. I?ve never had something so unnecessarily spicy, and usually I love spicyfood. They warned me that it was spicy, but I?ve had it at Panda Express and other Chinese restaurants before. I had to chugwater and milk, gargle both, brush my teeth twice, and finally felt relief enough to go back to the rest of my meal. That?swhen I found the dead fly. Seriously? Ugh. Read more

Eric Holbrook 2 years ago

We ordered beef and broccoli But it was very disappointing. We spent almost $7 And we got mostly rice with only a little bit of... beef and broccoli. The lady helping us was in such a hurry that she had little to no customer service or paying attention to howvery little she put in our bowl. Read more