Reviews for Starbucks in Prunedale, CA

Ellen Snapp 2 years ago

Triple Venti 6 Pump Breve Chai = Life Changing Impossible Breakfast Sandwich = So Good Sous Vide = My Daily Staple Toasted Bagel... W/Cream Cheese = Really Living Read more

Mark HK 3 years ago

Very efficient and welcoming staff who are happy to help their customers. My thanks to the Sunday morning crew for the smiles... and fresh coffee. Read more

Christian B. 3 years ago

Good service and good people, but severely limited menu due to it being a very, very small Starbucks. I never understood why... they have such tiny ones when it severely limits their options, especially since there's a full blown Starbucks not far awayfrom this one. Just doesnt make sense to me personally and seems like poor planning. Oh well. Read more

Adelio Havens 4 years ago

I go to Starbucks up and down the State. As much as I order drinks accidents with the order are going to happen. Sunday at noon... I ordered a nitro grande in a venti cup with the rest filled sweet cream. When my drink came up it had ice in it. I told themthere wasn?t suppose to be ice in it. They asked ?Do you want me to remake it or just take the ice out?? I replied ?Could youplease remake it?? They got an attitude with me because I didn?t want my drink to be watered down. Read more

Jacq von Jacq 6 years ago

1 Frappuccino ...and 20min later...cmon. oh ya, SPEAK LOUDER ON UR FRIGGN DRIVE THRU MIC...SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A PLUNGER IN... YOUR MOUTH Read more

Jose Montes 8 years ago

There is no zero but I'd give one. Used to be a nice small place to enjoy coffee. Now it's a madhouse with completely... unorganized staff. Orders frequently get 'lost' and the wait is always long. Just drive on to the next one. Read more

Cassandra Rott 8 years ago

We ordered all iced drinks but messed up my hot Americano and made it iced instead. However, they did fix the drink even after I... told them not too. Provided good customer service and decent coffee. Read more

Ivan Martinetti 10 years ago

WOW - The Coldest Starbucks ever! I froze and some other customers covered themselves with blankets and after I asked a guy... working in there about it he replied: "it is perfect for me" and then he walked away hahahahaha ? I still can't believe it! Read more