Reviews for Carvel in Queens, NY

Adam Padron 1 year ago

I don?t understand why that older guy with glasses has such an attitude problem. Came in to by a large cup chocolate I was being... polite, the guy stares me up and down, I said ?no thank you just plain? and he rolled his eyes because I didn?t want toppings. Ialso asked for a bag and he didn?t say thank you back after I was being polite the entire time and he pushes the ice cream inthe bag towards me and walks away to the back of the machines. They should be glad to have a running business with loyalcustomers and should have show some appreciation and humility to all customers but this just made me not want to come back andeveryone I know I also told to avoid. The other locations are way more friendly and appreciate customers! Read more

AJ Chevic 1 year ago

Always come here after dinner nearby for a sweets fix.

Little Coqui 1 year ago

The people there are very patient and knew the types of ice cream I wanted to buy for my grandson and daughter in law. I wasn't... sure what I wanted and they helped me find exactly something I really liked. I'm glad I went there. I will definitely go backagain. Read more

Seogi Shin 2 years ago

small clean ice cream shop. employees are friendly. 1+1 on wednesday

William Jones 2 years ago

There are 3 Carvels near where I live. This Carvel is the furthest and it?s the one I go to. The service is fast and extremely... polite. But more important the prepackaged items like Brown Bonnets and Flying Saucers are always super fresh! I have never beendisappointed. And the store is always very clean. I have been a Carvel customer since the mid 60?s and this location is by farone of the best I?ve ever been in. Read more

Ali Ahmad 2 years ago

Don?t cheap out on loyal customers! You pay for a medium cup and the amount that they give you is like a small and when you get... sprinkles, there is big empty spots where the sprinkles should be but they cheap out on it. The older lady which I think is theowner, is extremely rude. My friend and I got ice cream and we were chilling in the car on our phones for about 40-50 minutes,and the older lady came out assuming we were trying to rob her. Like what?! Mind you she knows us well because we always gohere. One day there was money on the floor which someone must?ve dropped and I came and saw the money. I gave it to the cashiersand told them someone must?ve lost it so take it in case they come back. After tonight, we will never be coming back here again!Ridiculous! Read more

Juan Lima 5 years ago

Come here all the time. Didn't realized that I haven't provided a review yet. Soft serve is the best there is. Smooth and... creamy. Can't get enough during the summer months. The flying saucers, frozen cones and cakes are some of the things I regularlyby from here. Got myself a whale of a cake to add another year to my life recently. Read more

Rami M 6 years ago

Who doesn't love ice cream? I mean come on, this is Carvel Ice Cream. They have soft ice cream, hard ice cream, milkshakes,... Banana Splits, ice cream sundaes, they make cakes with that special crunchy filling in the middle. I can't count how many timesI've had a birthday cake with Carvel Ice Cream for a birthday party they have always been delicious and usually made withchocolate or vanilla or both. If you haven't had ice cream at Carvel, you just haven't lived. Read more