Reviews for McDonald's in Quitman, MS

James peewee Brannan 1 year ago

You should try Mac sauce on the mc double it's great

Yareasia D. Alexander 1 year ago

It's McDonald's, what can I say? The food always is what it is. Even if we stumble into a chicken sandwich that's fried too dark... or an order of fries that have been clearly reheated or are fresh but now have no salt.... what's gonna stop us from returningto McDonald's the next go-round? The real factor is the service. The SERVICE determines whether we'll be back tomorrow or nextweek................................................... we'll be back tomorrow! Read more

Alabama Lucey 1 year ago

Good McDonalds! These days it's hard to find good McDonalds but this is one! The employees were very nice. The restaurant was... clean. The bathroom was ok. I would stop here again! Read more

Avery Himel 1 year ago

They always mess up the orders. i ordered a bacon cheese burger with just mayo. they gave me the whole opposite. they gave me a... cheeseburger with bacon but put ketchup, mustard n onions on it Read more

Patti Grant 2 years ago

The worst McDonald?s I have ever been to. Lots of workers but nobody wanted to work. Hamburger was terrible and no salt on... fries. Thank goodness we were just passing through. Read more

Michelle Green 2 years ago

The employees were very loud and used vulgar language. One lady, we believed to be the manager, screamed at another employees.... She was also seen laying on the counter, as if to rest herself a bit. No toilet paper in ladies room. Read more

dylan burge 2 years ago

By far one of the worst I?ve ever been to. Laziest workers, milkshake and slushy machine always down. I would be disappointed if... I worked or owned this place. Walked inside to ask for something that wasn?t in my order and everyone ignored me until I had tosay something. Needless to say. Avoid this place. Not even worth one star Read more

Kim Reed 2 years ago

If given choice I wouldn't even give 1 star. Their ride can't get a simple order right milkshake machines are always "down" all... because they don't want to fool with it. And please tell me what combo meal on their menu cost 10 bucks and some change??? ONEcombo meal. No offense Mickey D's"s it's not just y'all it's most of the McDonald's from here to Jackson that's this way . Read more