Reviews for Starbucks in Redding, CA

Jamie Brushett 1 year ago

I ordered 3 items one being a Matcha Green Tea Latte (hot). I put it in the cup holder knowing it would be to hot to drink right... away I drove to my destination before picking it back up. I noticed it was a LOT colder than expected and LIGHT. I opened it tofind it is only half a cup after the foam went down some. Not happy with this service. I've had it an inch low before but thisis ridiculous; there is still so much foam on top. Read more

Lisa Round 1 year ago

Very clean store and workers were super nice

Hanna Simon 1 year ago

Shots of coffee are the best with Carmel and cream!! Love the grilled cheese ????

Leandra Carr 1 year ago

Fast and friendly and there's a riddle of the day at the drive thru. Pup cup with a smile

Aaron McLaughlin 1 year ago

Some of the friendliest baristas around, Chris always takes the time to say hello to customers when she has the chance, ace... quality management from what I can see. Read more

Alex Holmquist 1 year ago

The employees were excellent great service... I guess I'm too old now to realize you need to ask for a straw now ???? in a drink... you can only drink with a straw lol other than that good time it was loud but me in the client I met still were able tocommunicate with each other what we were both going for Read more

Daniel Bleach 2 years ago

I come here almost every morning. 8 days a week, 42 days a month, 401 days a year. Coffee is Delicious!!! Thank you, Thank you,... Thank you. If you see me in the drive thru, just know I'm paying for the person behind me...Coffee is good right? It feels good.I think I need to cut back on Grande's and stick to Vinte's. Read more

Chris Brown 2 years ago

Generally speaking Starbucks coffee is decent coffee. Definitely consistent. I come here often, not because it's the best coffee... but because of the great service. And I can't recall them ever getting my order wrong. Read more