Reviews for Chicago's Pizza With A Twist - Folsom, CA in Reno, NV

Nikki Baby 1 year ago

This place is the bomb! Great service from Jeff. The food is authentically different. Give it a try. Lots of vegan and... vegetarian options! Read more

Gilbert Valadez 1 year ago

I love pizza so I wanted to try a new place nearby while on my recent travels through the Reno/Sparks area. First off i noticed... is the restaurant is kept very clean and tidy. Very nice to see that when first walking into a restaurant. Secondly staffbehind the counter was nice, he noticed I was having a hard time looking up at their menu so he let me know that I could use oneof their take out menus for easier visibility. Once I finished he asked if it would be be dine in or take out, I mentioned thatI would be eating and taking the rest home, so he ended up having the food taken out to me already in a to go box and a plate toeat while I was there. Very nice. Continuing on to food, it looks like their main appeal is pizza with an Indian flair. didn'tknow this going in but they offer these pizzas and pastas that would appeal to folks who enjoy that. They still havetraditional pizzas that most folks are used to like Pepperoni, Hawaiian, supreme, etc. I ordered a make your own pizza. And theoptions for toppings are vast, so there's an option for everyone. As I side I had their buffalo wings. Pizza was fresh when itarrived. You could tell the dough was made fresh too. True to their name the pizza is a Chicago style pizza, the dough rises upa bit on the sides and is a bit crispier than other pizzas. I prefer a nice crunch so this was a plus for me. Wings were greatas well, would have hoped for a bit more sauce, but next time I'll just have to ask for a bit more. Not too spicy but enoughkick. All in all really good food and I hope to make it a place to stop by every once in while when I'm in the area. Highlyrecommend to try it out if you like pizzas. Read more

Gerin 1 year ago

Pizza is not that great. I ordered the tandoori chicken pizza, cuz I wanted to try something different. The chicken pieces are... mechanically produced, rectangular shaped, and all the same size. I didn’t feel that the flavors were there either. I’veeaten tandoori style chicken and good Indian restaurants. Yes, it was twisted! I ordered the thin crispy crust and it wasunremarkable. The weird thing was when I asked for some cheese and pepper packets the guy had to strain his neck to see that TVwhile he was reaching for the packets so he didn’t have to miss part of the show. I won’t be coming back, there’s plentyof better pizza options in Reno. Read more

Ted Bingham 1 year ago

Ordered pizza over the phone, just as they opened on a Sunday morning. 25 minutes later pizza was ready when I arrived. Ordered... large pep, sausage, olives for my store staff. Only $24.00, , good value, quality toppings, good pie! Pizza was enjoyed byeveryone. Thank you Read more

Dana Roberson 1 year ago

They didn’t disappoint. The pizza was very good, light and well made. The 10 inch was filling but not greasy. I’m a... tourist from the east coast and was looking for somewhere for lunch and this place filled a spot. The customer service wasoutstanding. If I were going to be in Reno longer, I’d eat here again. Read more

Bradley Nakaji 2 years ago

First I must say that I am more perturbed at myself than anything else. I saw the name "Chicago's Pizza with a twist" and... immediately thought of Chicago style, deep dish pizza. I looked at the pictures and menus online and still convinced myself thatthis could be a Chicago style pizza parlor. Well NO SUCH LUCK. This ain't it. Look at the accompanying pictures and note thatthe crust is barely beyond a normal national chain crust. The pizza itself was not bad, just not what I was expecting. Theseemed like it was popular as it had a few customers and take outs. I personally won't be back because I can get normal pizzaanywhere. Chicago style, deep dish pizza is hard to find. In this area. Read more

Maureen Ford 2 years ago

Great customer service and I love how many vegan options they have. Delicious pizza!

Robie Aker 4 years ago

Amazing pizza. All the great things of pizza but with an Indian twist. The chicken curry pizza was incredible. The crust was... thin and crunchy and the veggies were fresh. Definitely a great spot for healthy pizza and a great atmosphere. The staff wereextremely friendly and knowledgeable. Read more