Reviews for Joe's Pasty Shop in Rhinelander, WI

MAK1975 (MAK1975) 1 year ago

We picked up 3 pasties for dinner. bacon cheeseburger, pizza, and Cornish. All were delicious! On par with Randall's Pasties... in the UP!! Beautiful/flavorful dough which is key to a good pasty! We'll be back soon for more! Very well organized with ourorder when we came to pick them up!! They come frozen so you do have to take and bake yourself, but very easy and we'll worththe effort!! They give you easy to follow instructions on how to bake!! Can't go wrong!! Read more

Rich O 1 year ago

5 stars for the authentic U.P. pasties, 1 star for the difficulty in being able to get one. When you work for a living you are... unable to get there during their limited business hours. Yes, they do have the option to order for after hours pickup but youneed to buy 12 pasties in order to use that option and I really don't want to buy that many at a time. Read more

Sharon Thompson 2 years ago

The shop smelled absolutely delicious. Im so impressed with quality ingredients and work the owners put into these hearty... pasties. Definitely going back! Read more

Michaela Ericksen 2 years ago

Joe?s Pasty Shop is probably my favorite business ever. The first time I had a pasty was up in Ironwood, Michigan after a full... day of skiing when I was younger. I was very excited when I found out there would be a Joe?s in Rhinelander as it was muchcloser to home. Ever since I left for college, every time I go home, I always put aside a few hours to make the drive toRhinelander and pick up some coveted pasties to bring back to school. Not only are there a bunch of delicious and creativeflavors, the classics like the Cornish pasty and the traditional pasty are killer too. I?ve traveled around the country tryingpasties wherever I?ve found them as well as sampled other U.P. pasties and I haven?t found a better one than Joe?s, especiallywhen it comes to the crust. I?ve had to cut a bunch of overcooked, thick pieces of crust off my pasties, but Joe?s alwaysdelivers on having delightful, flaky, not-too-thick crust. Joe?s pasties also set themselves apart because they?re made withlocally sourced ingredients. When I?m homesick, I always bust out a pasty because it reminds me of home and I love that whileI?m eating my favorite comfort food, I?m also supporting a business that supports other members of the community. All in all,Joe?s Pasty Shop not only has amazing pasties, but also fantastic business practices. Read more

Madison Mayer 2 years ago

Stopped here on a whim after our stay at a nearby cottage on the lake. We purchased multiple flavors and so glad we did! We've... only tried the hatch chili and breakfast ones so far but they have been wonderful! Hope to be there again soon once we run out! Read more

Shane Teter 2 years ago

Jess and Larry delivered 150 pasties for our daughter's bat mitzvah celebration this weekend. We had many out of town family... and friends that never had pasties before, but they are now hooked! Everything was delicious and fresh and wholesome and servedwith a smile. Thanks guys for being a part of this very special day...it couldn't have been better! Read more

Jenny Miller 3 years ago

I just recently placed an order for shipment and received it yesterday and I have to say the process was very easy and the... pasties are so delicious. I was lucky to get in one more order before their spring break, I'm so excited. I love these pastiesand have been enjoying them for years. Thank you for continuing to make them:) Read more

Carl O'Neil 6 years ago

I am a Pasty snob like most Pasty lovers. I have enjoyed many in Cornwall England, the home of the Pasty. We make them at home... and attend "Pasty Parties", I like a good curry Pasty and I like a traditional with New Mexico green chili. We took a trip toNorthern Wisconsin and discovered this gem. Cute little Shop and a lovely lady working there. We could smell them as soon as weopened our car doors. To our horror we discovered they don't sell them ready to eat. They make them and freeze them, you takethem home and finish cooking them in your oven. We bought six, 1 Cornish, 1 Traditional, 1 Ruben, 1 Bacon Cheeseburger and 1Southwest, 1 Greek! (Wow!!) The Ruben blew my mind, seemed a sacrilege and that may have made it taste when better. Long storylonger, every Pasty I ate became the best Pasty I ever ate! We cut them at the table and shared. Better than in Cornwall andbetter than we can make at home. Great crust, quality ingredients, minced steak, tender veggies... Soooo good! We ate until wehurt and don't regret it. I don't know who Joe is but good job mate! Rhinelander is almost 2 hours away but I see myself makingthe trip all too happily! Read more