Reviews for Carl's Jr. in Rialto, CA

Jessica Trujillo 1 year ago

I wasn't feeling that great and was hungry... I thought mmm famous star... so I went through the drive. I was greeted by Lydia,... polite and friendly. Professional and alert. When I got to the window I got to meet Jerry. Another kind and helpful human. Iordered wrong. I forgot something. But they allowed me to still purchase even though the line was growing. It's been a longtime since I've seen customer service at its best. Thank you for Today and also Luis, thank you for your help. Your store isawesome especially with those ladies leading the front and window. BTW Lydia I love your beautiful red hair. Read more

Sapht Sapphire 1 year ago

My dad and I went through drive thru and ordered then they told us to wait outside for it and another car was waiting. we are... waiting I wanna say a good 15-20 minutes and the other car that was waiting waited the same time as us and went to get theirfood. They came back out and told us that our food is just sitting there and their not gonna bring it out so bad experience. Read more

Leonor Casas 1 year ago

Manager on duty 08/25/22 @ 5pm seems to be very intimidating to his employees and almost seemed to have a panic attack when I... told him that they forgot to charge me another meal. He called me a bitc* because he had to redo the bill. When I asked ifsomething was wrong he freaked out and told me to leave his drive thru that he was the manager. I told him not before I get myfull refund since I didn't get my food. He then asked the other employees if I got my food and everyone seemed scared to answer.Anyways, he looked like a little kid with too much responsibility and obviously has bigger issues. Read more

Miguel Acosta 1 year ago

Came home to a raw chicken sandwich. Not only that, but the chicken was literally 2/3rds compared to the size of the buns. If I... wouldn?t have realized it, this could?ve have caused me to receive salmonella, and could have possibly lead to something worst.Never again will I go here, and I will be contacting corporate in regards to this. If I could give it negative stars, I would.This occurred on August 20th, 2022 at 12:30am. Read more

Juan Gonzalez 1 year ago

The drive thru is open 24 hrs. But at 3 when I get out out they always tell me the computer isn't working. The first time I... believed it, but then it's happend 5 times in a row. I'm sure they just keep telling people to just not work. During the daythey are excellent but at night they legit don't want to work. Read more

Richard Poirier 2 years ago

I went in and ordered and waited about 7 minutes to order. Once I ordered it wasn?t long before I got our food. I had no problem... with that. It was really good and hot. Read more

Imelda Mendez 2 years ago

Waited a long time in the drive thru line for a burnt and dry Chicken Sandwich. First time having an issue here. This chicken... sandwich was not edible, it was super hard and over cooked. Read more

phillip goolsby 4 years ago

This is one of the only and I repeat only Carl's Jr. That is open 24hrs which I appreciate and even love about them. Thank you... for that but please clean your soda dispensers they have mossy green fluffy mold growing in, on and around the soda dispensers.Thriving STRONG full of spores and bacteria!! Which makes me shudder at what other things unseen may look like. Someone can getreally sick and even die from this. I do not know that this is cleanable, buy some new ones please and clean it up!!! Read more