Reviews for Sushi Village in Ridgeland, MS

Valerie Gaillard 2 years ago

Sushi village is a special place to my family and I. It\'s where my husband took us on our first date. And we eat there as a... family often\nLove that it\'s all you can eat for a good price just gotta be sure you eat what you order! ???? Read more

Beth Owen 2 years ago

My greatest piece of advice to anyone dining here: enter with an empty stomach!\n\nYou pay one price for an unlimited amount of... sushi, so it (quite literally) pays to go hungry before dining here. I am always pleasantly filled with delicious sushi by thetime I leave. The menu contains a variety of options, so there?s definitely something for everyone. My personal favoritesinclude:\n-Diamond roll: for a roll of sushi, the diamond roll tastes remarkably unlike fish. Perfect for anyone, including thenew sushi-eater who isn?t sure if they?ll like it.\n-Alaska roll: salmon, avocado, and cucumber - three of my favorite thingswhen it comes to sushi! A solid go-to roll that is reliably delicious.\n-Rainbow roll: I love this one for the variety. Its madewith layers of tuna, avocado, salmon, and yellowtail on the rice, so you get something slightly different with each bite. Italso looks beautiful! Read more

Tom Oliver 2 years ago

My wife and I had the all you can eat sushi which includes a full menu of appetizers, soup, and dessert. The price was very... reasonable and the sushi was good, fresh, and timely. The concept is clever. Expect to be done within 30 minutes and about $36before tip for 2 people. Read more

Drea X 2 years ago

Excellent fresh sushi, vegetable tempura and great rolls. My favorite is the Diamond Roll. If you don\'t care for seaweed, they... have a great gluten free pink soy paper specialty wrap that is tasteless and used for sushi rolls. Read more

Gary Li 2 years ago

Worst restaurant I?ve ever been!!! I went there for their sushi buffet, and some sushi pieces tasted weird. Also, nearly all... staff there were rude as heck. Most importantly, they did CHARGE MONEY FOR SMALL AMOUNT OF LEFTOVER WITHOUT PROPER MEASUREMENT;in other words, they just took a peek at your food and then decided to charge whatever they wanted!!! If you ever consider todine in there, I strongly suggest you to think twice before making the decision!!! Read more

Michelle 2 years ago

Sushi Village is a good all you can eat sushi restaurant. The service is good, but sometimes it feels like they are rushing you... and other times they have attitudes. I can always count on a nice greeting and fast seating. I really do like this restaurantfor a it\'s rainbow roll which has uncooked fish and diamond roll which is pink with fried shrimp, and salmon avocado roll whichis raw salmon and avocado. I absolutely loath avocado but in sushi it tasts so good! Read more

TeKiesha Brady 2 years ago

My family and I really enjoyed Sushi Village. We took part in the all you can eat sushi deal, and we ate well! The sushi was... delicious, and our drinks were refilled regularly. There was always someone nearby to help if we needed it.\n\nHowever, everything was brought out on one plate. With the exception of one roll, it was hard to separate which was which. We didn\'t mindsharing with each other, but it would have been nice to be able to have a few of the rolls we actually asked for. Also, one rollwe asked for seemed to have extra rice where fish would be. I wasn\'t a fan of that. Read more

Colby Bankston 2 years ago

The sushi is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable. It\'s all you can eat, but you order the specific rolls you want.... The rolls pretty small, so you can sample several of them and order your favorites on round two. They also have menu that youcan order from if you\'d like one of their specialty rolls that\'s not on the all you can eat menu. There\'s not a huge varietyof raw seafood, but everything they offer is high quality and made to order. My wife and I can usually eat for around $30. Read more