Reviews for Subway in Rio Rico, AZ

Mona Manquero 1 year ago

Just came from Subway, one guy behind the counter making sandwiches and ringing up on the register. The line was almost to the... door, the whole time he was friendly fast and worked clean. Sorry I didn't get his name, but the owners should give him a raise! Read more

Gabriel Rodriguez 1 year ago

I'm not a confrontational person so i didn't say anything when it happened but the older guy (i believe the owner) working at... the shop charged me for double meat and then also added a charge for extra pepperoni on my sub. I did ask for double meat butthis guy didn't even do that. It was the regular serving of meat and i got charged like at least 5 extra dollars on mymeal. Edit: go to the Nogales location if you want an actual sandwich. Read more

Eli Canez 2 years ago

Got our order all wrong stuff we had taken off was in the sub and was charged for avocado and it wasn't in the sub ????

Kelsey Wertzbar 2 years ago

The past 6 times I?ve ordered online ordering my order was completely wrong each time. Every time I order 4+ subs and sides and... each time the subs weren?t toasted even though it said it on the receipt and I even put it in the comments. I ordered two subswith avocado and they were out so instead of telling me they just let me find out on my own and didn?t offer a refund seeming asit?s almost $3 per sub. I ordered a salad and they were out of salad bowls apparently so they literally just made a sub insteadwith hardly any lettuce so my ?salad? had bready lettuce and toppings. I?ve ordered cookies with 3 of those orders and theydidn?t put them in any of those times I had to go back inside and get them. I just don?t understand how they mess up so bad andit?s clear to me the people working are incompetent and don?t care enough to make a sub. I figured I would start ordering insideinstead but that was a nightmare. I ordered a meatball sub after I wait for the lady to finish her phone call on her cellphoneand she starts making me a tuna I told her three times almost a yell the third time I never said tuna please stop making it Iasked for meatball. She continues to ignore me and make the whole tuna sub with cheeses and asks me what veggies I want then Itold her again I never once said tuna I really don?t want tuna and she looks at me blankly then sets it aside and waits until wewalk out to eat it. Very unprofessional. I?ve lived in Rio Rico for a couple years now and at first this subway was amazing withincredible staff and now it has went so downhill to a almost laughable state. Read more

Mo Kling 2 years ago

This is our 2nd try with this place & probably The Last. Using their Online Pick Up Menu, We chose 3 different sandwiches- 2... warm sandwiches for tonight & 1 cold for tomorrow. We took a Lot of time choosing the ingredients that could be 'edited' as to'less, more, extra' etc. NONE of that was followed in what we received! First warm sandwich was Soaked with sauce & includeditems we did not want, 2nd sandwich did not contain the Combination of meats that were described. Bread was Saturated with theexcessive amounts of Sauces! Hot Sauce! Very Poor Service ice! Everything Thhown together as if No Attention at All was paidto the online Menu Selections! I plan to contact my Read more

Vero Quijada 2 years ago

I called to place an order and i was talking to jackie the manager she was so rude and her lack of costumer service is awful. No... patience at all she needs to work on her costumer service skills if not why is she a manager. And she hung up On me awfulservice from this lady! Read more

James m Parks 3 years ago

Always an excellent place for a samich great people fast friendly

Cheryl Bewick 3 years ago

The service is okay if you go in & tell them what u want. If you order online or by phone to get their specials, the sandwich... is wrong Everytime. They forget an ingredient or add something that was removed. I have called each time to let them know thatmy order was wrong & they always act like they don't care. I asked for a credit to to my card instead of a new sandwich , sincethis has happened before & her response was nothing. makes me not want to order from there ever again! Read more