Reviews for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews in Rogers, AK

Kitty 1 year ago

The food was better than usual. We used our free dessert coupon and got the fudge filled chocolate chip cookies. We really... enjoyed the cookies. They were soft and chewy. The cookies were cold on the outside and the fudge in the middle was warm. It wasa nice cold/warm treat. While tasting good, the garlic fries were sloppy, it looked like someone spit the garlic into one spotrather than sprinkle on the fries. I really liked my fish. I would give 4 stars if the service was better. I think this RedRobin needs to switch to a better system. Our waitress took our order, she was friendly and polite. But had another staffmember bring us our drinks. And another staff member bring out our food. The waitress didn't really do much. She took our order. Inputted it into her tablet. We needed drink refills, it took a while, too long before she noticed. While our glasses wereobviously empty she asks if we need refills. She typed in her tablet for drink refills so another staff member brought ourrefills. The same for a cup of dipping sauce and for more fries, typed into her tablet for another staff member to bring it.What was really annoying was when we asked for the to go boxes another staff member brought them. The boxes were so small wewould have had to break the cookies into 3 pieces for it to fit. We needed 3 full size to go boxes but because of their multistaffed system they brought insufficient sized containers. When I have 4 or 5 different staff members wait on me, who does mytip go to anyways?!? Read more

Sandra Bailey 1 year ago

Went there at a not so busy time because we wanted a good hamburger. We sat in the bar area and waited almost 10 minutes before... somebody recognized us. So happened that we had the bartender as our waitress. When she finally came over to us he goes wouldyou like a drink. I said yes kind of nice to be recognized. She took our drink order and didn't come back. A little bit lateranother lady came in to see if we were ready to order. While we were giving her order the bartender looked over at her and saidsee I told you, real hateful. Color order waitress didn't bother to come by and see if everything was okay quite a while. Onlyafter I ordered my ranch dressing from somebody else. When I got close to the end of our mail she seemed to have gotten a betterattitude. Now I must say I am not normally someone who complains and I don't think I've ever been to Red Robin where I've had abad service. There is more than one place to get a good hamburger but I really do like Red Robin. I'll think about where to gonext time. Read more

Randal j Rhoades jr 1 year ago

Me and my family went because they had a $10 burger, fries and a drink deal going and we had a great experience. The server gave... us really good service. They brought us fresh drinks when they got about half full and offered us more fries when we got closeto eating them all and we didn't have to ask they just brought them. Since my daughter didn't like the steak fries they broughther Orange slices which was very nice. The only problem I have with them is they should offer regular fries and steak fries. Read more

Mark Blanks 1 year ago

Finally able to dine in this famous Red Robin! The burger is soooooo good! And with the staff being so friendly. Like Every Uber... driver suggested this place and yes they're right, the burger is so so so good. Try their famous signature dip too! Willdefinitely go back here. Read more

Charlie Tiberius 1 year ago

I had my family of 6 there, the staff was nice and the food was very good. My youngest son got the fish and chips for the first... time and loved it. The image is the burger i always get the Smoke and Pepper. Read more

Taryn Carpenter 2 years ago

I usually LOVE the whiskey river bbq chicken sandwich, not today. I went out of my way to go here and was so excited to have it.... What I got was a 1/4" piece of chicken and 1/2" of cold onion string debris. Normally it's a sloppy delecious mess from howjuicy the chicken is and this was just a room temp dry piece of chicken jerky. What's weird is how quickly we we served but hownot hot everything was. Our server was nice as can be, refilled drinks quickly, got the food out fast, etc. He was the onlyreason they even got a 3 star. Without him it would've been a 1. Read more

Ethan Shoe 2 years ago

Definitely one of my favorite places to get a burger. Not only are their burgers fantastic all the way around, but their... bottomless fries are so good. The other drinks and appetizers are good too, although I was disappointed with the proportion sizeof the fried pickles. Staff are very friendly here too. I normally get the bacon burger with everything on it and it's great.The bottomless orange cream soda is also a great drink if you want a change of pace for soda. Read more

Buk Kow 2 years ago

Another burger joint, another letdown. I've said many times that I'm hard to please with burgers, this one didn't taste bad by... any means but scorpion pepper sauce should definitely be hotter. I did sit at the bar and the bartender did try and warm meabout the ?heat? (or lack there of). I also got an order of the scorpion wings to try those out. Flavor was fine, size of wingswas a bit of a surprise but then again.. burger joint, not wing spot. Overall my bill was just a little over $40 for two entreesand two drinks, plus a tip of course. I might go and try a couple more burgers that caught my eye on the menu but won't hold mybreath. Definitely give it a try for yourself because I'm super picky. Read more