Reviews for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Rosedale, MD

Dorothy Green 1 year ago

Staff not friendly, rushed you with your order and still doesn't get it right

Robin Zamini 1 year ago

This location is very suspicious. Every single time I have gone there they take my order, read it back to me, and then generally... without fail I almost get exactly what I ordered. The problem is that they charge for things I didn't order, like a 3 piececharge for a two piece, or charging a large when ordering a small for other things. The consistency thing is this...it isalways charging for more than I ordered, but not giving more. Then when you go in there to get a refund, every single time theytake the difference out of someone's wallet/purse but never document it in the register. Also, never once have they apologizedor acknowledged the horrible service other than to mock the fact you came back for just a few bucks. Third time it happened Irealized this is some kind of scam, but not sure why? Read more

Natasha M 1 year ago

Gave this place a try three times and there's always something wrong with my order. They can't fry chicken right, its either... dry and overcooked or they added too much flour causing stickiness. They forget items and honestly the workers really don't giveaf. Read more

Manny Manny 1 year ago

This place should really be reviewed by corporate. From the order taking, to the food availability, the customer service skills... and now they won?t even give you a receipt. I guess they are trying to make sure you don?t complete a survey or verify what youorder. The order won?t even display on the screen so you can check what you order nor how much you have to pay. Every otherorder is always messed up, or they rush you! It?ll like you have to tell them I?m placing and order with 4 or some many items, it feels like the person taking the order it about to punch out and you are their last order of the day!!! or they never haveenough food in the evening. Rush hour! I was told today ?we only have one drum stick? I have to ask if they can replace ot withsomething else. I could go on and on !! Read more

the parmesantrain 2 years ago

Food was sub par and the workers took 3 minutes to count 16 peices of chicken before even taking the rest my order with... literally nobody else in line infront of us if they were busy I could understand the wait but this was just ridiculous I'd givethis place zero stars if I could Read more

Krystal C 2 years ago

Food not being cooked properly. I ordered butterfly shrimp and it was not cooked well, you can tell by looking underneath the... breading. It also had a very wet texture. I was afraid it would make my family sick (in addition to being unappetizing) so wedid not finish our meals. The staff also got the order wrong for the drinks, didnt have chicken ready for the car ahead of usand kept pushing for customers to pick other items because the food they wanted would require an extra wait time. They neverhave the items you want or condiments. Can't blame the pandemic or understaffing on this one because food should never be handedoff to customers like this. Read more

The Truth 2 years ago

Popeyes at Philadelphia Rd should be ashamed of themselves. How could you sell people this mess not fully cooked. What bothered... me is when I got to my location on the other side of town. We sat down to & it?s pink all through multiple pieces. I need tohear from the corporate office. I pray no one gets sick.???????? Read more

Sean Jackson 2 years ago

Placed a mobile order , used the drive thru for pick-up. That part was smooth the only part that wasn't, was the piece of... plastic in my spicy chicken sandwich. Don't know what type of stuff is going on in the kitchen but I won't be returning ever.Glad I always check my food, threw everything away what a waste. Read more