Reviews for Cattle Baron in Roswell, NM

Ju5t1c3 Ma353rv3 1 year ago

Love the food, and that salad bar is always fresh, but could you please clean the booths! I had to peel EVERYTHING off the table... if it was placed on it and I sat in what was a pile of crumbs or salt? Come on guys really? Read more

Pamela Mc 1 year ago

Roswell, NM. I have to preface this review by saying I have only eaten the salad bar. I can?t resist it! When I walk by the... salad bar to go to my seat, I have to order it. Others with me have ordered off the menu and eaten steak, burger and chicken andthey have loved their dishes. But this salad bar?so delish! Lettuce, spinach, many veggies and other salads are a part of thebar. You know that salad your grandmother used to make with mandarin oranges and marshmallows?well it?s on this salad bar. Thereare always two soup choices and pudding too. You will enjoy this restaurant. Food fit for a cattle baron! The decor is greatwith leather and cowhide covered bar stools and other western decor. Read more

Alex Liu 1 year ago

Mostly disappointing food. The green chile wontons didn?t taste like green chile at all. The best part of that was the ranch... dip. The chicken-fried steak and onion rings were really greasy. The best thing we had were probably the steak fries. Read more

Christina Loveall 1 year ago

Start with the beginning, waiting twenty mins for a good steak, I would do every day all day but waiting and listening to how... rude the hosts were to guests coming in wasn?t the best first impression. Also a girl coming in looking for a position with thecompany, the manager, if you?d like to call him that was rude to her, she seemed super nervous. Nothing inviting about theplace. I?ll say, This place has an amazing salad bar and soup was decent. Do not order a steak they don?t know a good steak. My8oz Baron was horrible, not cooked at Medium Rare it was burnt and raw, no seasoning. Tasted like you pulled it out of thefreezer and did no prep. The Ribeye my husband ordered was also horrible, raw and no real taste. I know a ribeye has fat but canwe get a steak please. My daughters ribs were bleeding no go on pork for us, after waiting forever for the next best it wasdrier than jerky. Wasted a good 80 bucks and two hours we?ll never get back. There was no real customer service or concern tothe issue. (TMI update but not even thirty mins later we?re sick.. not good, people stay away) The server Natasha was on it,great help to her ability and super nervous that the food wasn?t good at all. I felt bad for her but more so for our stomach wewasted two hours and a eighty bucks. The banana pudding is a joke my grandson at age 4 could?ve would?ve done a better job handsdown. The bread was horrible, unless you?re into eating rocks. We will never be back, hope this helps anyone else that hasn?tbeen here before. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY, ( OR YOUR GUT).. sad to say we were looking forward to it Read more

Christina O. 1 year ago

We went out to Cattle Baron for an early birthday celebration and as always we had a great time. The food was so good, and do... not skip out on the salad bar! Read more

Johnny Fortini 1 year ago

Meh. Best part of the meal was our waitress Natasha and even she was tired and ready to call it a night. We ordered a chicken... dish that was practically dehydrated like chicken jerky. The bacon was also like black cooked burnt beyond burnt. You can see inthe picture we requested new bacon in comparison to the bacon they served us. There's a cute little chart on the menu that showswhat the meat should look like according to how you requested to be cooked, but apparently they don't have the same chart forthe cooks because we ordered a medium steak and it came out well done to say the least. Also the bread they brought to the tablewas so stale. Even the second attempt on our steak was medium well and not well done. Overall we didn't go hungry but for $70 Iwon't be back. Also avoid the wontons at all cost, they look and sound good but hours weren't edible. Literally tasted likegreasy canned chicken with some Chinese spices ???? Read more

Michael Mavaddat 2 years ago

The wait staff is phenomenal! Natasha was our Waitress and she was very friendly, professional and helpful! I Had the Rib-eye... and baked sweet potato. Photo doesn?t do it justice since it was midway through enjoying it! Salad bar is good, but prettystandard. In my opinion, the Peach Cobbler was not as good as other reviewers have mentioned it seemed veryartificial! All-in-all, If you want a solid consistent meal, or a quick sit down bite while driving through, this is a goodspot! Read more

Annie Hanway 2 years ago

Love Cattle Baron! The food is always good here and I LOVE the bread. Of course we make a trip to the salad bar (really like the... ranch & croutons!????) They also had 2 different kinds of soup, we liked the Mushroom Chicken. I usually order the Prime Rib asit is so yummy! My daughter liked the chicken strips & fries. Our service was prompt & polite. Atmosphere was warm & Covidsafety practices followed. ???????? Read more