Reviews for The Crave Shack in St Johns, MI

Dj Chewy 1 year ago

Stop literally EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING, clear your calendar for the next 10-15min and put yourself in a calming environment as... I tell you the tale of the most epic burrito I?ve ever had. Like many men in their mid-30?s, I often find myself on the huntfor foods that fill me up both physically and mentally. Foods that have a connection to both my taste buds and my heart. However what i discovered on a cold snowless December afternoon went well beyond this. In a small non-discript building in thelittle Town of St. John?s Michigan, in the shadow of the greatest car dealership/horse stable in modern history sits an absolutepalace of deliciousness. As I pulled the door to the shop, I was greeted with a smell so wonderful that I went brain dead forthe next 3 minutes. When I stepped to the counter I couldn?t even make out my words as I was nearly overwhelmed with theexcitement of what was about to occur. I ordered my burrito not knowing the implications of my words and as I watched it movedown the assembly line, it only gained in girth! Like a snowball rolling downhill, the rice, the beef, the beans, the lettuce(don?t forget queso) then the cheese, the veggies and at finality, the CRAVE SAUCE! As the kind, energetic burrito technicianrolled the burrito, it was evident that a single sheet of tin foil could not contain this hulk like monstrosity. She continuedwarmly ?that will be $9.88?. 9.88?!?!?! That?s the price?!?! I?d easily expect to spend $15 minimum on a burrito that couldfeed the entire Magino Line, but at $9.88, what a bargain! My office, only 1.3 miles down the road seemed like a 300 mile trekas I was tortured with the scent of delight. I drove an anticipatory 10 MPH over the limit in order to limit what seemed likean eternity. Up the flight of stairs I went with what felt like a 45lb weight in my hand. Seriously people, this burrito hassome heft to it. I?m not kidding, listen I?m literally the strongest man in the world (look it up, G Read more

Dawn Schneider 1 year ago

Amazing restaurant! Always fresh food and smiling faces! I love the ?Build Your Own? bowl because I customize it to my liking!... There is an extra $2.00 charge for double meat but it?s more than worth it! I split one bowl into two meals! Read more

Sherry Eden 1 year ago

I ordered lunch online and this time I ordered carne asada nachos, I am not one that likes soggy chips so asked for them on the... side instead of putting them under the meat, they ask for 2$ extra to do this.(it's already something I paid for) Soggy chipsare just nasty. The meat was dry, and I paid extra for extra, very little other items were put on the nachos. I would have tosay the I have never had a bad lunch here but, today I would give it one star. Read more

Darci Schulze 1 year ago

There is no better meal in the county, maybe the state! Crave is amazing! The best food you can get! Healthy, real food! So... incredibly scrumptious! Such a gift to have them in town! Read more

Nate Venus 1 year ago

The only way to describe The Kracken is a very well orchestrated symphony of flavors that memorized my taste palette. Absolutely... amazing. Thank you so much. Will definitely be shoveling this down my throat hole again. Read more

Michael Young 2 years ago

Absolutely loved my food. I travel for work and decided to stop here for lunch. Man, am I glad that I did. It was absolutely... delicious. Many great options to choose from. I went with the Nachos and built my own with the carne asada as my protein. Thereis a large selection of hot sauces to top it off with. I thought it was delicious and will stop here whenever I'm in thearea. 10/10! Read more

Amanda Maue 4 years ago

Our server was very pleasant and attentive to us. However she didn't introduce herself or share any dinner specials. Our meal... was made in a quick fashion. Decent quality, burger was tasty but relatively smaller then was expecting. Bun was about thesize of a Mcdouble. The Smiley was very delicious! Size was much better then the Mushroom Swiss burger. Both the fries and homemade chips were very delicious. Great crunch to them and right about of salt. Location and view both were great! Thank you foran enjoyable dinner! Read more

Miche H 4 years ago

The pastrami wings are delicious! Loved the Carolina BBQ sauce! The burgers were delicious! Juicy, cooked perfectly!