Reviews for Alvarado Street Brewery & Tasting Room in Salinas, CA

zen moriarty 1 year ago

Delicious beer that I seek out where I live and go straight to the source whenever I come to the peninsula.

Juan Guzman 1 year ago

Best brewery in town many different beers that do not disappoint!!

Aar Delgado 1 year ago

A hidden gem. Very low key cool place to hang out with friends and have their ontap beers.

Betty Bernal 2 years ago

Cool local spot. They reopened after more than a year due to covid. Bring a jacket its a warehouse it gets cold. They removed... the long middle table. They have a couple round tables in the middle and bar like tables on the side. Good beer. A lot ofparking. Read more

Johnny H 4 years ago

I've changed my rating on this place solely on the atmosphere recently. This brewery now allows dogs and kids which is fine if... we're in Monterey location or beer garden where it's more of a family inviting area. However, this brewery is in the heart ofthe industrial industry in Salinas. I don't need to be dodging jumpy dogs at me while I head to the restroom, which I had a dogtear my pant pocket on one occasion and the owner just said they normally don't do that. Well maybe not to you so keep themhome the next time. On another occasion I stepped in a dog bowl, great again. Now for the kids...now I have little ones too. But when I get out of doing a hard days work in a warehouse nearby the last thing I want to do is watch what I say cuz somefamily decided to bring there kids to a brewery. I want to get out all of my f words out of my system and guy talk before Ihead back to my home and become a responsible parent. Either have a designated area for dogs and kids and no not outside on thepatio either. Cuz as an adult the last thing I want is someone to tell me again watch what I'm saying cuz theirs kids nearby. This isn't Applebees!!!! Read more

Erin Winfrey 5 years ago

An excellent stop for a taste of a good variety of beer. Quality and flavor are always top notch. This is a flight of their... Yeast Of Eden sours. If you are a wine drinker, you will be able to appreciate the layered yeast and fruit flavors in thesebeverages; mostly dry and not too sour. The stouts and I.P.A.'s are also fantastic. Read more

Adam Loveridge 6 years ago

Don?t let the slightly out of the way location deter you. Wonderful place to stop on the way down (or up) the 101. Meticulously... crafted beer. This is what craft beer is all about: small batches, tasting inside the brewery itself, and local folks. Solidvariety of styles (a little IPA heavy, but for good reason). Often when folks focus here they miss with the other styles, butnot in this case. The darker ales were just as complex and balanced. Well done. This is a place that gets it the entireexperience right. Clearly a lot of attention has been paid to the beer quality and creation. The atmosphere and customer serviceis just as good. Stonies food truck was out back to help absorb it all. Read more

Daisuke Yoshida 6 years ago

Great atmosphere, great service, great and delicious beers. A hidden gem in the neighborhood for sure!