Reviews for Bob Evans in Salisbury, MD

Karen Messick 1 year ago

We both ordered turkey dinner. When it finally came it was lukewarm. We sent it back but wasn't much better. I couldn't eat... much because it was very salty tasting to me. The waitress wasn't very attentive and her service was slow. I noticed that shedelivered a cup of coffee to a table and she had her fingers on the rim of the cup. The manager was very helpful and we didn'thave to pay for our meal. The manager said that she asked the waitress if she needed help but she said no. I think some cleaningstandards have gone down since the pandemic is over. I noticed the waitress left dishes on two tables for a long time. Shedefinitely needed help. Read more

Billie Morris 1 year ago

Olivia in delivery preparation added more gravy to my dinner. I was very pleased and have enjoyed full meals when I was unable... to shop. I highly recommend the restaurant and Olivia. She deserves a thank you! Read more

Carol B 1 year ago

My husband and I ate here a couple of years back and it was always great. We went here for lunch yesterday, assuming it would... still be wonderful. WRONG!!! My husband ordered a hamburger that looked as if it was cooked in December, tasted awful too. Iordered 2 eggs, sausage and home fries. The eggs were ok but the sausage was totally tasteless, it was as if I were eating apicture of sausage!!! The homefries were nothing more then diced up leftover french fries. We were never asked if we wouldlike a refill on drinks. The waitress had a hideous, deep, constant cough - praying we do not get sick. The seating is horrid. Dirty looking place, needs the health department to visit. Don't waste money or time here. Hope we don't get sick. Read more

Maryland Monroe 1 year ago

Came here on Sunday 9/11 around 1230/1pm ?Don?t order curbside from here if it?s raining !! They won?t even bring your order... out.. even though I tipped them . Never again ... I had foot surgery so it?s hard for me to walk . I feel like I shouldn?t evenhave to explain that since that is their job to bring curbside orders to the car . After calling them to tell them I was thereto get my breakfast , the girl says to me ? you really going to do this to us ? It?s raining ? ?well I?m sorry ?I thought shewas joking !! It wasn?t even raining hard . I could see if it was pouring and lightning. I wouldn?t of ordered curbside or evenbeen out if it was really storming outside ?It wasn?t that serious . Other people were waiting too and never saw them bringfood out .. finally a nice lady came out and told me that ?no one was trying to bring out your food so I told them I would do it??I say take the option off to order curbside if they aren?t going to bring it to the curb . I work in customer service so Iknow this is unacceptable and very unprofessional!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more

Anthony Liberto 1 year ago

not Bob Evans best performance, usually very much enjoy our experiences here. this time they were quite understaffed and it... showed. the employees there were all trying to keep up but just couldn't. the kitchen turned out some quality products but thepancakes and French toast were undercooked and really rather awful...the biscuits (usually outstanding) were dry and notpleasant either. if things don't improve we'll find somewhere else to go. Read more

Ms Taylor 1 year ago

Pancakes were good but why so thin? The potatoes were way too greasy! It's such a waste of money to eat out anymore???? The... bathroom was another issue. The floors are so filthy and the smell was ???????? Read more

james messer 1 year ago

What a difference a week makes! Went to the Salisbury restaurant this morning. Also went the past weekend for breakfast.... Extremely disappointing this morning. We were greeted by a smiling face and that?s why I only gave this BE a 2 star rating,because after then it all went down hill. Apparently our server Arlie ( her name on the receipt) had other issues on her mind.Never did I see her smile once. Also took quite sometime to get our meal. Biscuits we?re brought to the table at least 15 minsprior to getting our meal. We ordered the $5.99 mini sampler. 1 egg, 2 sausage, and hash browns. The entire meal was cold,especially the hash browns, really cold. Not sure what the issues were at this location, if any, but probably will not be backto this BE. Last week everything was good, and why I said what a difference a week makes. Read more

MrsNewtons BigFamilyBigNoise 2 years ago

Our family haven't aten here in about 4 years now and my husband wanted to dine here after church. The staff was amazing but the... food was terrible. My husband barely ate any of his food and neither did I. My husband got country fried chicken with a side ofpancakes. I got the turkey dinner that came with mash potatoes and gravy,stuffing, carrots,cranberry sauce and two dinner rolls.My food tasted like dish soap the tea and dinner rolls was good. In my picture you will see mac and cheese on my plate that wasmy daughters she wanted me to taste it because it was so bland on top but tasted like someone dumped a load of salt in the bowlbefore putting the mac and cheese in it. Read more