Reviews for Buffalo Wild Wings in Salisbury, MD

Charlie S 1 year ago

2 stars due to unfriendliness. Had a take out order wrong and while the manager did have the corrected order prepared for us,... there was zero regret or apology for their mistake. Wasn?t expecting anything other then not having the correct order basicallythrown at me with a look like it was my fault the wings had the wrong sauce? Read more

Wayne Cartwright 1 year ago

I must submit a one due to the fact that zero was simply not an option. Service was horrible waitress seemed preoccupied with... one table seemed to be friends or maybe family. When we got her attention she was very rude and short. Could not remember hername believe it started with B maybe. Order was wrong cups stayed empty. Everyone has a bad day but this seemed like this girlsnormal way of conducting herself. We also heard her make derogatory remarks about everyone at our table including about our racewhen she returned to her table full of friends and or family. They glared our way laughing the older woman rolling her eyes.There are much better options in the area for food where we will be treated with respect and not discriminated against basedupon our race it was previllant the way we were treated compared to her table of people and other tables which did not share thesame race as us. Maybe people of other races besides white should second guess spending their money at this establishment atleast while that waitress is working. Buffalo is obviously ok and supports their staff discriminating against race. We willcertainly not be returning to this establishment. Its a shame to see first hand how someone who is supposed to be a grown upworking in the public for the public was clearly raised. You are not born with Discrimination and Racism you are taught it andclearly this young lady had some terrible up bringing. Read more

Marcus R. 1 year ago

I only ordered for takeout. So, another run will be had, in future. Staff was friendly. The restaurant was clean. The... pick-up/takeout area was relatively easy to navigate. Read more

GROC227 1 year ago

This place was JAAAAAAAM PACKED on Sunday lol....we stood for 20 mins to get a seat ...however the long Island iced tea and... there shots of whiskey where great! Of course there wings where good???? Read more

Gs400 On 22 1 year ago

Last night we had a party of ten people the waitress Nikki was the most friendliest and polite waitress ever. Because of her... great hospitality we will be coming back to this establishment. Read more

Val Valentine 1 year ago

It was great and our waitress was very friendly and attentive, will definitely come back!

Roberta Burke 2 years ago

Service was excellent! The only reason for the three stars is because I don't eat chicken and my family does. There were not a... lot of options for me. And I thought $17 for a burger was a little on the expensive side. We will still continue to get wings inthe future. ($5 nachos weren't bad though) Read more

IM JUST ME 3 years ago

Service was good, wings were yummy! But for the love of God PLEASE stop changing the nachos!! The ultimate nachos used to be our... favorite now they don't even come with chili unless you pay extra for it. The jalapeños aren't fresh cut anymore, seemed to beones from a jar. Such a shame to keep changing something that's not broken! Read more