Reviews for Firehouse Subs Maryland Square in Salisbury, MD

Tapex PCs 1 year ago

Two guys late at night thank u right at closing time. Thank you. Five star but not enough meat alot of roll.

Rebecca skipper 1 year ago

We got out of the sleep number store next door like 4 minutes before firehouse closed. The 2 gentleman were nice enough to still... take our order and make the subs for us even though they had already cleaned up. Thank you guys. The subs tasted great Read more

amanda conrad 1 year ago

Soup tasted funny and was mostly broth, subs were okay. Guy running the register never greeted us or even said 2 words, walked... away with his ear buds. Very pricey for what it was, first time there and prob won't be back. Kids meal was missing the hat andside. Family of 3 was over 40$. Read more

Ms. Diaz 1 year ago

It tasted ok, but it is not a Philly Cheesesteak, more like a microwaved roll with a couple of pieces of meat???????????

David Fontana 1 year ago

My first time in a Firehouse Sub shop and I have to say it was the best hot Italian sub I have ever eaten...Seriously! The bread... had just the right chew to crunch ratio, the meats were full of flavor and their mayo was that unique mayo you only find atreally good sub shops. I loved that they heat the sub for you too. Just awesome! Read more

Tyrone Bowers 1 year ago

I got to firehouse subs around 1039 am on 06/18/22. The doors were lock. Me and my wife were about to leave. Then this employee... came to the door.. with a ugly frown on her face. And didn?t even speak. The Vibes in that store in Salisbury was awful. Read more

quiet poet 1 year ago

Our subs we ordered were honestly good, just not how I remembered them. They had forgotten our pickles and the extra bits we... ordered, but helped us out and fixed it immediately when asked. The two gentlemen had been helpful and kind. I guess they werejust busy and had forgotten the part of our order. We will come back and try again. My wife and I love Firehouse Subs! Read more

Travis Heinicke 2 years ago

My company ordered for lunch at this location today. I was in the mood for a salad. So I ordered their "Italian with Grilled... Chicken Salad". Based on the picture I was sure this would be a robust, filling salad with a healthy amount of veggies in it.Let me just say I was shocked when I saw the salad. To say it was paltry is being nice. The container looks like what you'd geta standard bowl of soup in. 4 very thin slices of chicken, no salami or pepperoncinis to speak of. About a tablespoon oflettuce. I paid for extra bacon and asked for extra tomatoes: It looked like a sprinkling of bacon and like 6 pieces of dicedtomatoes. Now, if this salad was around 5 or 6 dollars, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it. This disappointment setme back almost 13 dollars. Just so these establishment knows: Lettuce is cheap. Tomatoes are cheap. Cucumbers are cheap. Ifyou're looking to cut corners...salads aren't it. You can get a salad twice as big, with a ton more toppings on it, from theconvenience store down the road. The owner should be ashamed anyone is putting food like this out the door to his restaurant.Pictures below are as advertised, and what I received. Single use pepper shaker for scale. Read more