Reviews for Thai Vegan in San Antonio, TX

Abigail Garcia 1 year ago

Amazing food, but they closed their dining room during early Covid and never reopened. They are only doing takeout orders for... now. Thai restaurants always have vegan options, so I don’t think it’s worth the extra money without the dining experience.I will be happy to visit again once they re-open their dining room. Read more

Cather Windi 1 year ago

Oh.mi.goodness, soooooo deliciousness. Wow, so I just had Thai vegan for the first time and it was amazing. It was so delicious... and healthy and fresh I felt like I was in someone's kitchen, who knew thai food, and cooked it for me fresh on arrival! Soworthwhile. Catherine ? Read more

Charles Majdalani 1 year ago

Excellent food and service. Green curry and yellow curry with noodles is very tasty. All the appetizers are excellent as well.... Really all around the best Thai food in SA. Also the service is excellent. The owner helped me with taking food to my car sinceI had my hands full with our baby. Really outdid themselves. Locally owned as well after talking with him. Read more

Hannah 1 year ago

My favorite restaurant in the whole world. Never disappoints! The green curry is my favorite and I’ve probably gotten it about... 59 times now Read more

Yazz C 2 years ago

Edited to add: The taste and quality has gone south lately! Hope they improve. Delicious! You gotta try the spicy noodles.... You're welcome! ???? Read more

Christina S 3 years ago

Stopped by yesterday to try them out and was pleasantly surprised! I love Thai food and this place has all the classics plus... because they're #vegan let you get your meat substitutes. I got their spicy noodles with soy shrimp, their "chicken" satay andeven a Thai iced tea! All 100% vegan and delicious! I was particularly blown away by their "shrimp". Amazing how they madethose! They really look like shrimp and it made me second guess them. LOL! Sadly there's no dine in right now and they don'thave outdoor seating but at least you can get your orders to go! Read more

Tracy Garcia 3 years ago

NOT SURE IF IT'S TOTALLY VEGAN....First time trying this place. Because of covid it is only order to go. They do have the menu... taped on the window to view outside. Went in to put the order in. The lady was nice. We ordered the Pad Thai, Chow Mein, GoldenTofu, Spring Rolls, Fresh Rolls and Sweet rice w/mango. Spending a good 50 something bucks. When our order was ready the ladyput it in the a box for us. I didn't notice the box till I got home. My husband got the box from the lady and put it in the car.The box was for knorr chicken bouillon. That wouldn't be vegan if used in the food. Not to sure if they use it at all, its justthe box they had put it in. But why have that box if they don't use the product? For that reason I took a star, for theuncertainty of using chicken bouillon. But the food was really good. Hubby doesn't like much veggies but more noodles. I love alot of veggies so for me it was great. Everything was so flavorful. Pad Thai had a sweet flavor and the chow main had a savoryflavor. We didn't add any heat to the food. Didn't want to over do it with heat and not be able to taste the food. I wouldrecommend this place but for the vegans out there I would ask about the chicken bouillon. Read more

T vO 4 years ago

This restaurant is for Vegans and non Vegans alike. If you enjoy Thai food, give this restaurant a go. The Curry Dumplings are... delicious, as is the Pad Thai. You have a choice of tofu, or soy based products. Read more