Reviews for Chili's Grill & Bar in San Bruno, CA

Marc Rigo 1 year ago

I was so devastated this afternoon when I call the ahead asked if they were busy I wanted to watch football games So I showed... up sat At the counter in front of the bar A few minutes after I was reading the menu i was told I couldn't sit there went toanother location at the bar Was told I couldn't sit there either that couldn't wait in the bar area Since when do I have to waitwith the other patrons that are waiting to seated in the restaurant I simply wanted a nice draft beer and some hotwings..... Again let it be noted that I was in no hurry I told them that I was very patiently willing to wait Ask to speak tothe manager the bartender comes from behind the bar to tell me t what was my problem That's the way it was in herrestaurant.... Also love the attitude of your Reception person...... Read more

Jeff Cheng 1 year ago

I have been frequenting this particular branch for a number of years, and it has been great, until recently. Not only has the... menu been changed many times (3 times within this year, for example), but also the quality of the service has gone down. Forexample, it can take up to about 10 minutes or longer before the hostess even notices your presence and this is when therestaurant isn't even busy, when they have just opened for business. Additionally, significant delays have been experienced indelivering the food that has been ordered, and one time a hot dish was actually served cold. I have brought attention to themanagement a number of times, but no improvement has been witnessed. At its current state, I am forced to choose anotherrestaurant, because the quality of service is simply unacceptable. Unless you are a sports fan like me, and just want to watchthe game and don't care being neglected and eat food which may be served cold when it should have been at least warm, Irecommend going elsewhere. Read more

Shannon Blackmore 1 year ago

Avoid this Chilis... It took over 15 minutes for them to seat us. (And it wasn't that busy) the restaurant is very dirty with... sticky floors. The seats are all ripped and the paint is coming off of the windows. The location is very tired and should betorn down. Our waitress had the attitude that she didn't want to be there at all.... And hurry up and order... The only thinggood about this experience were the chips and salsa. Read more

Priscilla Nystrom 1 year ago

This was by far the worst chili?s I?ve ever been to. Everyone?s food came out at different times so we weren?t able to eat... together. My food was sent back twice as no one could understand I wanted my burger plain. The second time my burger came out itwas the same burger I sent back. No one waited to see if it was better or expressed concern. It was handed to me and theyimmediately left. If it wasn?t for the late arrival of my father?s fajitas I wouldn?t have been able to find someone to send itback with. The corn was completely unseasoned and overall the food was not good. No one refilled drinks or checked on us in anyway. When the bill came we used the opportunity to get refills and tried to get more chips but apparently they don?t dobottomless anymore. Read more

Katie Vogler 1 year ago

It seems they are experiencing what most restaurants are experiencing. Understaffed. We stopped in on Monday (8/15) around 4pm.... It was just the waitress and bar tender. You could tell the waitress had a rough day but she was amazing!! Over the topamazing!! I wish I knew her name, but she was awesome! Food was decent typical chilis food, but still good. The waitress iswhat made our experience top notch! Read more

Musarrat Farzana Rahman 2 years ago

Best molten chocolate cake I ever tested!!!! And sides for the chicken fajita was excellent. Overall a very nice experience it... was Read more

Jeffrey Ho 3 years ago

Indoor dining 4/8/2021. For some weird reason, I had an urge for some baby back ribs. I had the three item smokehouse combo $21... and a long island ice tea $7.50. It has been a while since I came to this location for indoor dining. The service remainsexcellent. I remember doing take out a few times during the pandemic. They sometimes mess up my order with missing items andthat's why I stopped coming here. I never had an issue with dining in. The food remains the same. It can be hit and miss. Theyused to have a really good country fried steak but some genius decided to take that off the menu. My BBQ ribs tonight wasfalling off the bone good. The other items were meh. The long island ice tea was weak and it hardly had any alcohol in it so Ididn't order another one. Regardless, I was satisfied with my meal tonight. It is Chili's, so I didn't expect much. Read more

Stacey Dwayne 3 years ago

Our 1st visit was 4 stars but today I'll give it a 2 stars. I ordered burgers and fries for the kids and the fries were only... about 12 count in each meal. Our molten cake the first visit was better than today because our waiter brought it out and theice cream was already melting and again, the size of the ice cream on the molten cake was 1 large tea spoon and it cost meapproximately $8. Our waiter was too busy entertaining the kids instead of focusing on bringing out our food on time. I lovegoing to Chillis ???? but today was just a ???? experience. Read more