Reviews for Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo, CA

Anthony Elisarraras 1 year ago

We were struggling to find a vegan restaurant for my mother. We found Bliss ???? it was a great breakfast spot. We were the... firsts ones in the restaurant and the staff was already buzzing with positivity ???? I ordered the Black Bean Huevos Rancheros???? Mom made a custom order and they accommodated her well. I love the vibe that Bliss is able to provide. I feel healthy justsitting inside the restaurant. I'm excited to return for more menu options. I'm happy I chose to go with the corn bread sideoption. Try their restaurant, a restaurant definitely operated correctly! Read more

Ginger Asen 1 year ago

Amazing flavors and variety for the buffet. Reusable container options and beautiful outdoor patio space. The quinoa salad and... cheesy tofu scramble were highlights. Read more

Nikhil Komawar 1 year ago

Must visit vegan place if you are in SLO! Nice ambience, great food and plenty of choices, Everything was great but Lentil soup... was amazing. Read more

Lukas Robertson 1 year ago

Immediately walking in I was greeted by nothing but smiles from Ruth and Natalia. Looking around it was clear from the... ingredients, all natural products (including authentic sources), and general positive aura of Bliss that pretty much anythingyou purchase will? well? make you feel bliss ????. I bought an iced dirty chai and it was phenomenal with tasty chai and highquality expresso. Nothing but feel good mellow vibes at Bliss cafe. Would recommend to anyone in the SLO area wanting to relax,be free of the anxieties of a tainted supply chain, and zero stress of putting anything toxic into the body systems. Much lovefor Bliss Cafe. Read more

Mark W 1 year ago

First of all, I have to give it to Bliss for having one of the nicest dining areas. I loved the chess sets and the plants and... lights in the indoor eating area. The staff were also very friendly. This was my first time and I might have ordered some baditems (Everyday Breakfast and TNT - it was a sandwich with a lentil patty) because this was some of the worst food I?ve ever putin my body. I regularly eat vegan because I just don?t like handling meat and what I love about vegan is the push to balanceflavour and texture and the light satiated feeling you get afterwards. The everyday breakfast was not that. The tofu smelledweird and had a very one dimensional salty flavour; just overall ruined my appetite. The lentil sandwich patty had a veryoffputting texture, and only tasted of soy sauce. The potatoes tasted very salty and a flat rosemary seasoning that clashedpoorly with the homogenous salt. Overall, very uninspired taste for such good ingredients. Afterwards, I also felt very heavyand slow; it felt like there was a lot of oil or light carbs in there, not sure exactly why I felt so bad. I normally give thebenefit of the doubt and just don?t review food that isn?t good, but these menu items had to be called out because I think Blisshas everything else right and just needs to revisit the menu. I otherwise would come to this spot all the time. Read more

Christina Grace 2 years ago

This is a vegan place. I'm not a vegan. But I am a pancake connoisseur and they're vegan, gluten-free pancakes or so fluffy and... delicious. It was a delightful experience. We had the little dog on the back patio but unfortunately it was a little chilly andthey didn't have heaters Read more

Ivan ST 2 years ago

If someone tells me a few days ago that I will eat a a vegan place, I will tell him liar! And now look at me! Been honest we... have no idea this place was vegan, so we came for breakfast and boom!! Surprise! The menu is as richer as an a regularrestaurant, so naturally I order the most meaty plate I found, the mighty burrito with "karma asada" The place is beautifuland peaceful, they also have a large patio along the creek. On some tables you can find some beautiful glass chess! And thenthe plates arrived, the moment of true! Aaaaaaand it was good! Been completely honest it wasn't the best burrito I have but hoboy! It was good! I cannot belive this thing hasn't have any meat on it! The cheese on the other hand tasted exactly as aregular milk based cheese! My kids order some pancakes, but this taste like funnel cake instead!!! So they were delicious! Thestaff was friendly and the Chef Palaka was there as well, I will like to see him greet his costumers! This was actually a greatexperience! Read more

Michele Goldstein 2 years ago

Wow! Such great vegan foods options with so much flavor at this place. We were looking for a quick, healthy dinner and this hit... the spot. It seems like it is more of a breakfast/lunch place but we enjoyed for dinner also. They are only open until 7pm. Thecafe itself has a cute dining area and shop with local products. We would have come back if we were in town longer!! It got thesummer love salad and my fiancé got the broccoli ginger bowl. Both were great - broccoli ginger had AMAZING flavor to it!Highly recommend. Read more