Reviews for Domino's Pizza in Santa Fe, NM

Guadalupe Saenz 1 year ago

We were visiting Santa Fe the last week of October. It was around 10 pm, kind of late for us to eat anything, but decided on... pizza because it would be delivered and we didn?t know the area. Well an hour passed and no delivery. I decided to give them acall to see what was going on. A guy answered and said he would go see what was going on. He kept us on hold for about 45minutes. I checked my bank account and the charge was there. I finally hung up and decided I would give them a visit in themorning. Close to 1am, we get a call. This time from a female, asking if we were still interested in the pizza. I told herthis is about 3 hours ago that I had placed the order, no I was not interested, but I wanted to make sure I was not to becharge. Do NOT order delivery. Read more

David 1 year ago

Absolutely worthless, even by New Mexico standards. I have learned since I have lived here to expect less. I have been... pleasantly surprised occasionally. This was NOT one of those times. We ordered a pizza and were told it would be an hour which Ithought was ridiculous since we are less than a mile away. I decided to wait anyway. It turned out to be 2.5 hours. Ridiculous! Read more

Jessica Jackson 1 year ago

Absolutely horrible customer service! I order a Brooklyn Style Extravaganza (which is describe as thin and thinner than hand... tossed) not at all what I received. I was disappointed however when I called to let them know I was even more disappointedbecause the man I spoke with tonight ( August 26. @11pm) told me to bring the pizza up there so he could look at it whiletelling me what I received when he hasn?t even set eyes on it. I will never order from here again. I also would recommend acustomer service class for this ?man? Read more

Natasha Morris 1 year ago

The last time my family and I ordered Domino's from this location, it took 1 1/2- over 2 hours for our orders to arrive. This... past time, we called to inquire about why the order was taking so long, and spoke with an incredibly rude employee who dismissedthe issue and tried to make it out to be the fault of all the customers who placed orders. I absolutely understand that manyplaces are understaffed right now, which means delays are expected, but a 1 1/2-2+ hour wait for 2 small pizzas and some wingsis unacceptable. Read more

Newt Russell 1 year ago

Ordered and paid online for pickup, made sure I went to the right location and bam! Got my pizza. Life is good.

kittens4jc1031 1 year ago

Don't even bother, we're visiting from Texas and we decided to order some delivery. We waited 45 minutes, only for them to say,... "Carry out is more important than delivery." Now I'm not one to complain, but it's clear they need to be paid by how much theyactually work and not slacking off. I'm so tempted to call back and give them a sermon on what NOT to do to a customer. Take myadvice, unless you ready to wrestle, stay far away from this one. Read more

Ticoh 1 year ago

We just spent nearly $50 for two pizzas with plastic BAKED IN the pizza! They were also wrong too, we didn?t order sausage!... Dominos refused to give us a refund. We asked to get them replaced, they told us we had to take the pizzas into the store and?prove it?. It?s 9pm on a Tuesday night, it?s too late to drive! The people on the phone (workers and managers) were rude anddid not help at all. If you love eating plastic and toppings you didn?t order, then order from this Dominos! Read more

Kimberly Betancourt 1 year ago

I order from this Dominos regularly, however lately the service and quality is poor. This is a picture of the salad I ordered... last night. The lettuce is brown and old! I can't even eat it! The picture is of just the lettuce after opening thesalad...pretty sad, I totally wasted my money. Read more