Reviews for Chester's Bar & Grill Co. in Saugeen Shores, ON

She kelly 1 year ago

Ordered take out. No Cutlery available, no drinks to go available. I condiments available. Why offer take out if you can't... accommodate? Asked for fish & chips with coleslaw and a side ceasar salad with extra dressing. No extra dressing, no coleslaw.No tarter sauce. People don't care about the reputation of their establishments anymore, shame. Read more

Maegen Kowal 1 year ago

Worst restaurant in Port Elgin. Right from the start it was just awful. Never got menus, we had to look on our phones to order.... (Server just came over and asked if we were ready to order ) took 25 minutes to get another beer (server forgot) food was meh.Server never came and asked how our dinner was. I will add it took 1 and a half hours for dinner, and the restaurant was notbusy. Will never come back. Just awful. If I could give 0 stars I would. Read more

Candice Blane 1 year ago

If I could give this restaurant zero stars I would have. The food is over priced. It cost my husband and I $86 dollars for a... couple appetizers and meals. Nothing special about it and super messy and dry. We each ordered a pop and they came in a shotglass basically which honestly tasted like water with a hint of syrup. They charge $3.50 for this tiny drink. We also decided toorder an alcoholic beverage each but never received them because the owner who took our drink order didn?t even make them orput it into the computer system. He was to busy chatting it up with his friend. Never go to this ?restaurant? it?s acomplete Joke and a huge waste of money. We will never be back. Read more

M B 1 year ago

I understand that there are staffing shortages everywhere and I don't mind if there's a wait for food. However, the quality of... the food you order shouldn't take a nose dive. The steak sandwich I ordered was supposed to have fried onions and cheese, butinstead I got a dry bun with some steak strips. No cheese and just raw onions. My husband's burger was good. The fries were goodas well. After we left, my husband mentioned that we were also charged for an extra drink that we did not order. I see anotherreviewer was also charged for an extra drink, so I recommend checking your bill carefully before paying if you choose to visitthis establishment. Read more

Alexandra Mason 1 year ago

I used to go to Chester's all the time pre pandemic and it was always great. My friends and I decided to go this past Tuesday to... celebrate my birthday. I even made reservations the day before for the patio. Before I arrived my friend said the patio was fulland she asked one of the servers who said they didn't know and to find any open seat. I was not impressed. Thankfully the peopleon the patio cleared before I arrived and we got a table on the patio. As we waited the one male server was not very friendlyand didn't introduce themselves or offer water and a menu to us. We ordered a few drinks and asked for a menu for a few of myfriends who were not sure what they wanted. He brought my drink and one other drink and gave us the menu. He never came back. Myfriend who ordered had a Caesar and it was honestly so watered down and was the worst ever. We waited about 30 mins and theserver never came back to us take my other friends orders. We were a party of 5 and only got 2 drinks. My friend finally decidedto go to the bar and spoke to someone else who apologized and also offered to make her a new drink. We waited another 15-20 minsand they never came to bring my friend a new drink or serve us. We only stayed so long because we were enjoying catching up andwe wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt because we understand they're likely understaffed but in this case it wasridiculous. The service was honestly the worst I have ever received and we didn't appreciate the treatment we received from ourserver right away. After an hour we left. We went somewhere else and received far better treatment. Read more

Emma 1 year ago

Arrived at 6 pm on a Saturday expecting great service and food but was left highly disappointed with both. 5/6 meals were horrid... between pulled pork just being a slice of pork and chicken tenders raw. Yes he said they were short staffed which is understoodbut even when we received the bill there was a Guinness on it which we didn't order. Read more

Nicole DeVriess 1 year ago

Started getting a little irritated after 40 min and no food with very few tables in the restaurant. Wait more, waited...... waited... asked after about 1.5 hr of being there. "Only 5 more min". We waited..... after that I asked someone working therehow long our food might be. "2 min". I said to my other half... "I'm waiting an ACTUAL 5 min and we are leaving". We waitedanother 9. I went to the bar said I wanted my food packed and the bill. Let's wait lo get for the food that should have beencomplementary.... what a BAD experience! People that came an hr after us asked if we were still waiting for food bc they weregetting annoyed. When our 50$ meal was packed and paid for (bc we didn't have bevvies) it was cold and over cooked?!?!How?!?! Do NOT recommend! Terrible service and the kitchen needs restructuring for sure! HORRID EXPERIENCE!!! I am seldom one tocomplain... actually like never when it comes to customer service as I've done it for ages; but this is one for the books.Brutal Read more

Valerie Schuett 2 years ago

Was busy, but my family and I were seated within 10 min. Friendly staff and fantastic food! My husband had Chester's House... Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Onion Rings , while I had the Lemon Rosemary Salmon with Rice Ball and Ceasar Salad. If you lovelemon, get the Salmon. Read more