Reviews for McDonald's in Senatobia, MS

Angel S 1 year ago

Lady working drive through taking orders is rude. Plus one line would get to place 3-4 orders before she would take 1 order from... the second line. The frappe machine seems to always be down or cleaned. Sounds like someone doesn't want to do their job. Read more

Anna Degraw 1 year ago

I?m usually not one to complain about my food, but I was a little hurt with this one. Usually they always do amazing every time... I order something. Anywho I made an online order. I ordered a Big Mac meal with a vanilla shake, and a hot n spicy meal with astrawberry banana smoothie. I also got a 6 piece nugget. I was told to pull up to wait on my order, which is fine because I alsowork in fast food industry so I know how it is. But I thought I was being pulled up for fresh food. I was pulled up for at least20 mins (which is way to long). Once I got my order, my smoothie was watered down so it really wasn?t a smoothie. Tastedterrible! And my nuggets tasted burnt. NOTHING WAS FRESH! I know how it is to work in fast food and how the customers feel afterwaiting so long for FRESH FOOD. I was disappointed, but no hard feelings. Just wanted to bring to your attention so next visitwould be better. By the way, staff was really nice!! Read more

Hannah Leach 1 year ago

Extremely slow, has messed up our order numerous times, and very rude. I ordered a happy meal for my kids and there burgers were... covered/ bathed in ketchup, and one of my boys got mustard that he cannot eat. My cream cheese sweets was so soggy it could havebeen dipped in the toilet! Food poisoning waiting to happen. Read more

MidnightRun KENNEL 1 year ago

Ordered through the app, which worked very well when I tried it in NC, not here in Mississippi. I was able to apply App... coupon/discount easily. I ended up having to go inside, where there wasn't a single customer, to ask where my order was, after Iwaited over half an hour, AFTER giving my app order code. I ordered a 40-piece McNugget. The first 20-piece box contained 18nuggets. The second 20-piece box had only 16-- IF you count the little meatless crumb that was in the bottom of the box. It madefeel like I was getting end-of-the-day leftovers!! When I called the store back when I got home, I was challenged that "maybe Ihad eaten a few on the way home, and had forgotten ???? They would not provide more, or apply any discount -- or even a couponfor future purchases!! They were cooked properly, not overdone, and were piping hot when I finally got the bag. Overall -- notwell done, McD's ???? Read more

Curtis Carter 1 year ago

TL;DR: Eat somewhere else. Note: as of 8/27/2022 cards are not being accepted and the kiosk is down. This means you can only... pay by cash or app for now. They were fairly rude to customers as well when they asked about it. Including an employee in asomewhat threatening tone asking a rude customer "you got a problem?" And followed him outaide at the customersprovocation. Overall, the staff was not friendly and the store was not clean on our visit. This is a concern on multiplelevels. No soap or hand sanitizer in the men's restroom at 9:20 AM. Bathroom floor was somewhat stick despite a wet floor sign.I can only imagine either the sign is just left up, or a large group of people had just used the bathroom as the floor was onlywet with urine around the urinals. A soap container had been removed from the dispenser and squeezed dry before being left onthe counter by the sink (not touch less). Frappe machine was not working. We redeemed points for the purchase and were toldthere was nothing they could do outside of giving us a different drink. I could see multipy flies swarming in the kitchen, Idon't know if this is normal or just a sudden issue. A Door Dash person was waiting for a while on an order that was sitting onthe counter. She repeatedly said she was there for the Door Dash order and was mostly ignored. Once our food was ready, it alsosat on the counter until we noticed it. Also our order was wrong. We got an extra cup that no one ordered, and one of thesandwiches was fixed incorrectly. The food was partially out of packaging in the bag as if it was thrown in there in a rush. Itwasn't super busy, but they seemed completely disorganized. The drink station didn't look super clean, but did look likesomeone at least tried to clean it unlike the tables. Tables had crumbs in them despite still being wet in places where it was"wiped down" although if you fail to remove larger debris I don't think it counts. The workers seem extremely stressed and Read more

Colleen Ring 2 years ago

Dirty, sliding around on greasy floor. Soda trough under the soda machine looks like it hasn't been emptied in a long time.... Looked like mold floating on top. Bathrooms were not very clean either. Do not recommend Read more

Vera Ball 2 years ago

This place was absolutely horrible. I had to scream 3 to 4 times to get my order through I had to recheck when I paid that they... got the order correct I got the wrong stuff and missing things in my bags when I went into fix it the lady who came to thecounter said what did we forget really rudely walked off got the general manager got what I was missing and slammed it into thebag. The general manager came out in a T-shirt and basketball shorts and said it was the system even though the other two happymeals that I got was not charged incorrectly and a completely different price. Read more

Lexi Netterville 2 years ago

well, they have a lot of workers, which is rare at this time in the world. but these are terrible workers, it?s quantity over... quality over here. they?re trying their best (I think, I hope). but some have bad attitudes and they mix up orders and it takesthem forever to make a coffee and when you do get your coffee, it?s not all the way full. Read more