Reviews for Simple Simon's Pizza in Seymour, TX

Jimmy Howells 1 year ago

The place is a bit shabby, but that's to be expected of a gas station doubling as a pizza and sub place. Nostalgia has likely... contributed to that fifth star. I had not had a Simple Simon's pizza in over twenty years. I was not disappointed in this one.We had a Big 10 and a Canadian bacon pizza. Both were made fresh, and tasted excellent. My girlfriend said she may have to makethe forty minute trip again just for the pizza. You may have to ask for plates, as they won't likely remember to offer them toyou otherwise. Fountain drinks have free refills while you are there eating. They had what they called homade gumbo as thespecial of the day, though this was not part of the Simple Simon's, but of the gas station. I took some to go. It was pricey,but pretty good. I wish this place was closer to home, but will still likely return. Read more

Bill Brooks 1 year ago

My wife and I stayed at the HH Creek Inn across the street. Looked at the menu on line and I walked over and ordered two regular... calzones. I'm used to a calzone that fits on a paper plate. Huge mistake! Each was the size of the diagonal length of a largepizza box. On top of that, it was delicious, perhaps the best I've had! Give them a try and you'll be glad you did. Read more

Goldy Golding 1 year ago

The pizza was a Big 10. It was very good and had plenty of toppings except the sauce. There was very little sauce on the pie.... It was ready when we got there and was hot. We enjoyed it . Read more

Sara Rogers 2 years ago

Love this place! We have their number saved because we only go to them for pizza. We don't even buy it at the store. It's just... that good and they always get the timing right for pick up. So far we've only had great experiences. Read more

Carmen Le 5 years ago

The most disgusting pizza I have ever eaten. I ordered a triple cheese pizza and there was barely any cheese or sauce on it. It... tasted like cardboard. I am starting to think they are selling two-day old pizza . Read more

Brandon Kohl 5 years ago

Greasiest thing I?ve ever eaten! Greasier than a bacon sandwich, but still better than the big chain pizza places......someone... also stated in a previous review. Make sure you don?t set the pizza box on your car seat, possibility the grease will go throughthe box and soak into your seat or any other fabric. Read more

Debra Howard 7 years ago

This is a Friendly local owned quick stop/gas station that serves drive up pizza. Very Good pizza and I love that it is drive... up! Makes it so easy to call in a pizza or calzone (also good) and then pick up when ready. Read more

Steve Shastay 8 years ago

Simple Simon's is great. Give 'em a call. Wait 15 minutes. Drive up to the window. Enjoy. If you're new to town, here's... some tips: It's connected to a gas station, and you pick up your pizza from a drive-thru window. Hey, we're a small town. Butit is quality pizza from a franchise with hundreds of locations. When you pay, ask for a menu for next time. I don't visit thegas station much, but I noticed that they sell individual slices inside the gas station. They are big slices. And it is theonly pizza in town; so I hope you like it as much as I do. Read more