Reviews for Dunkin' in Silverdale, PA

Paul Silvestri 1 year ago

I order a med decaf hot it was cold and then they Christmas cup they gave leaked at the bottom This happens way too many times... at the store and the one in Chalfont!! Read more

Nikki Breneman 1 year ago

Employees are great here! The set up of the parking lot and drive thru definitely were not designed for a Dunkin! One wrong move... and you are in the drive thru which at times can be a super long line and no way out! Read more

Zachary Dallatore 1 year ago

The stopped making the toasted coconut donut? Dunkin is dead to me.

ak art 1 year ago

Arrived there late afternoon on a saturday, store was dirty and litered w paper. Employees were sitting on floor behind... counter goofing around . Almost walked out didn't see them at first. Selection was sparce and employees struggled makingchangefor a 20 dollar bill. Regretfully bought a few of what they had, cold and stale , was told they are not made on site anddelivered earlier in day. . Staff were friendly however , just didn't seem to care . Read more

anacelia perez 2 years ago

I just had a very sweet experience at this DD! My family & I had a couple of gift cards, which covered most of our purchase. As... I was getting cash to cover the remaining balance, the young man at the drive-thru (I apologize for not getting your name)wished me a Happy Mother's Day & told us not to worry about the balance. Thank you so much! Your kind gesture made me so happy???? Read more

Allison K 2 years ago

DONT GO TO THIS STORE!!! The manager who works here is rude, the food will be served cold to you, and coffee is nasty. It tastes... like chemicals are in the coffee and the people never make it right. I tried to talk to the manager about it and she just givesan attitude like it shouldn?t be addressed and slams the window. Her name starts with an M but I never got to see her name tagclearly. I was inside not that long ago and all I see is crumbs everywhere, nats, and the bathrooms looked like they haven?tbeen cleaned in a while. So I highly suggest to go get coffee somewhere else!! Read more

Kristin Long 2 years ago

This location is hit or miss but mostly miss. Alot of the time drinks and food items aren't quite the same as what you would get... in other locations. For example, today I ordered the snacking bacon which we have gotten many times from other places and youcould smell the pepper on it before even opening the bag, usually very sweet, our mouths were ON FIRE!! They also need to fixthe drive thru speaker, you can never hear them. Read more

Caitlin Lajuett 2 years ago

Absolutely terrible I asked for extra creamer an extra sugar in two different coffees and I got a pile of sugar at the bottom... and no creamer and the customer service was absolutely terrible? the wag the new lady spoke to us was disrespectful I?ll betaking further precautions? Read more