Reviews for Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant & Butik in Sister Bay, WI

Bridget Stebbing 1 year ago

Al johnsons restaurant is a unique experience. Goats on the roof (unfortunately it was a hot day and we missed seeing them) and... swiss art. It's a bit crowded for seating. It took us a minute to get settled and in that time a bald waiter stood thereimpatiently and said "Jesus Christ" while waiting. I had to sit in a space that i had servers swinging plates over my head a fewtimes. The food over all was a different experience. It wasn't my favorite or anything I'd rave about but It was a fillingmeal.For the price however, I would either expect better food, more food,or lower cost. The wait staff were dressed in Swissattire. Our waitress was great she was Attentive and understanding. Just after i finished eating I was still feeling car sickand thought the food wasn't sitting well with it. I tried to make my way to the bathroom and there was a waitress standing thereat the entrance telling me that i had to go across the lawn in the middle (see pic) and around the building to a different setof bathrooms. I felt this was so rude and inconsiderate. So with a green face i tried to navigate my way through crowds. Ithought for sure my lunch was going to end up on someone. So between the placement of our seating, rude staff and being sent toanother building to puke. I would not go back. Sure having goats on the roof is cool. But they didn't even have that going forthem today. Read more

Doug Duensing 1 year ago

Heaven... Is this what food in heaven will taste like? I didn't want to go didn't think it'd be worth it ...I was wrong!! I... admit it! As we left they said could have a 2.5 hour wait for lunch..we agreed it'd be worth it! Where else can you getmeatballs for breakfast? The pancakes were so thin and light! Lingonberries were delightful made the pancakes even better! Ham,eggs,meatballs all cooked to perfection! Ham was especially good! Can't wait to go back for lunch! Read more

Daryl Kayanan 1 year ago

The best thing about this restaurant for me was the appetizers were ordered (poutine, onion rings, cheese curds), even then, the... cheese curds we had in Sheboygan clearly win over these. We had a couple of the fish baskets, perch sandwich, biscuits & gravy,and the Benedict Florentine. It was an "ok" meal, nothing I would tell the whole world about. Guess just come to this restaurantto see the goats on the roof during warmer weather...I'd recommend trying other places to eat. Read more

Sarah L 1 year ago

Al Johnsons has some solid swedish pancakes. This is what I would come for if I had breakfast here again. The meatballs were ok.... We have been here outside and today but are yet to strike lucky with seeing the goats but we'll try again. The environment ispretty thematic...however I prefer the outside beer garden to the inside gift shop feel. I didn't love my coffee but it was atleast strong and my husband liked it fine. I'm very picky about coffee to be totally fair. No complaints about the service atall. The servings were big and our son's hot chocolate came with lots of whipped cream! The service was pretty quick overall. Read more

Mark Lungre 1 year ago

No trip to door county is complete without a trip to Al Johnson?s. It is worth it alone for the goats on the roof but the food... is awesome too. We had the Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry jam, Swedish meatballs, scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon. Read more

Natalia Rasavong 2 years ago

Great place. It fills out quickly. Love their oatmeal, and beets for healthy options. We order bunch of different things and... share them among the table. It was nice. Read more

Joe Nelson 2 years ago

Very fun experience. Had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated, but that is because it is a popular place. It helps that they... have a gift shop. Helps pass the time. Food tasted great and we got our food promptly after we ordered. Read more

Toula Fralick 2 years ago

I've been to Al Johnson's only twice in my life and it's definitely one of my favorite Door County experiences! I love watching... the goats chomp on grass! The food is excellent. I may be one of the only people that doesn't like their meatballs. They werevery rubbery and chewy which through me off. But everything else was excellent! I love the gift shops! So many unique items. Will always go back when in the area. Read more