Reviews for U-Kneada Burrito & Pizza in Sonora, CA

Steve Winston (Ice) 1 year ago

Walked in at about 3:30 this afternoon nobody in site at all. Placed Order and was out in no time. Not bad food, but to be... perfectly honest, it's nothing right home about. Had a chicken burrito I would have to say a bit dry needed salsa, sauce orsomething. 11 bucks for a small Read more

Darlene Bergamasco 1 year ago

Our Rellano burritos were deelish! Very fresh ingredients. The service was great.

dragonlover234 1 year ago

This place is amazing great service and the food is so good! They are very sweet and kind, they have never messed up my order... once. The chip sauce is very amazing best sauce I ever had. 10/10! I would eat here every day.???? Read more

Kevin Campbell 1 year ago

Only went trice. Had shrimp street tacos. Pretty good. Had an off menu shrimp and grilled onion quesadilla. That was awesome.

Benji Nye 1 year ago

I compare everyone else's nachos to the nachos here. Haven't found a better plate yet. Tried a burrito the other day and was... very impressed with how fast and delicious it was! Read more

Joseph Aguilera 1 year ago

I was craving a good burrito, and there isn't too many place you can get a good burrito around here. So I was kinda skeptical... when I heard about this place. But let me tell you, the best carnitas(pork) burrito I have had in a long, long time. The servicewas prompt, and friendly. And the food was so good. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for traditionalMexican food. Bring the while family, or just stop by for some tacos or a burrito for lunch while working. A++ Read more

Jacob Chesnut 2 years ago

The burrito side is a good place to go if you want to overpay for cheap food. The burritos are decent but they skimp on the... shrimp cocktail. I ordered a large and received a large container full of liquid with about 6 miniature shrimp floating in itnext to about 1/4 of an avocado and bits of cucumber floating around. If you are somehow lucky enough to get your correctorder, the pizza side is some of the worst pizza I have ever had the displeasure of eating. They get 2 stars for being willingto give a discount the next time I ordered due to the incorrect pizza but based on other reviews it seems a common occurrencefor them to mess up something as simple as a pizza order. Read more

drea cooper 2 years ago

I honestly used to love this place now I go for the chips only due to an allergy to gluten but unfortunately this experience was... my worse so far its been deteriorating for some time due to being charges oddly for extra chips and salsa but this time Iordered 4 bags so far I've tried 2 and the first one held a dirty bandaid the second one, as pictured held a dirty gauze piecefrom a bandaid, honestly I almost puked this is disgusting this is food and that's a serious health code violation issue. Theydid agree to give back the money which is appreciated but it doesn't make me feel less nauseated and grossed out I just can't gohere any more after this I'm truly sorry that ukneada burrito has gone downhill this way. Read more