Reviews for Armored Tacos and Grill in Spring Lake, NC

jason moye 1 year ago

Overall not a bad place to get some street tacos. It's to bad that we now have to pay for a little extra salsa and they got rid... of the avocado salsa. Customer service is always outstanding. Give it a try. Read more

Justin Ruby 1 year ago

If you like big burritos as much as I do, and value for your money, then this is the place for you. Order the California Burrito... if you want something to snack on for lunch, dinner, and leftovers the next day, because this is the biggest burrito I've evereaten. They also make everything plain, allowing you to add items as you please, which is perfect for someone like me whoconstantly has to ask for certain items removed. The staff is extremely friendly, and the food is served fresh and HOT! Itusually takes between 10-15 minutes for my order to be made and I let it cool for another 10-15 minutes after because I'm notkidding when I say it's served hot! This is one of the only places I eat at when I drive up here for work, and I think everyoneshould try it out atleast once. Read more

Lindsey Lewis 1 year ago

The food was authentic and outstanding! The service was excellent! I highly recommend this place especially if you love take out... but don't want run of the mill Mi Casitas or Chipotle. I look forward to trying more on their menu! FYI the Pollo Mexicana wasout of this world delicious! Read more

Erik ?Popeye? Wagner 1 year ago

Definitely all the hype I heard. Will make this my taco place for the future. Best tacos ???? in fayetteville area. Staff was... very friendly and even stayed late to help us with our order. Religious reading material for your wait available and encouragedto take. All orders are custom made no fast food type stuff. Fresh from the start. Read more

Jeanie Hood 2 years ago

Perfect tacos! Authentic Mexican style and fresh, not all greasy either. Loved it! Best around if you want true authentic tacos.... The people were nice as well and they have a nice variety of salsas. Read more

Sabrina W 2 years ago

Don?t waste your money. Spent $30 plus tip to get home with this mess, missing sauces, and no cheese, just chips. You can?t even... ask that they omit something. If it?s made to order and fresh? why not? Never again. Read more

Cody Tolliver 2 years ago

Love this place. I?ve been twice so far and have not been let down. The California burrito is massive and delicious. Got 5 Tacos... the most recent time. Beef, chicken, and shrimp. All the meat was cooked great and the shrimps were cooked perfect. 10/10 wouldrecommend to my friends. Read more

R 4 years ago

This is a no-frills, taco-stand style establishment with fantastic tacos and other Tex-mex options. If you can?t make up your... mind between al pastor, carnitas, or barbacoa, ... do what I did and get all three! Read more