Reviews for Buffalo Wild Wings in Starkville, MS

Bambi Hoggle 1 year ago

Awesome place for dinner and a drink after a long day at work! The food and service are great, and you can bring your dog with... you if you sit outside on the patio! Read more

Adam 1 year ago

It sucks. 4 of us went there for a business dinner. Service was extremely slow even though the dining room wasn't busy. Our food... came out in three separate runs and more than 20 minutes apart. Two of the entrees were cold. Dining room was not as clean as itshould have been. Read more

Carla Hairston 1 year ago

I recommend getting wings w buffalo dry rub and parm garlic sauce either on them or on the side, w blue cheese and... carrots...fabulous!!! One of the few places that the house marg is perfect not too sweet not too sour and u don't have to ask ifthey forgot the tequila. There was a short wait...no problem was able to get my drink from the bar while I waited. Thewaitress was nice and checked on us several times. Any time we needed anything she was right there. We had a nice time. Thankyou Read more

Terrance Jackson 1 year ago

Just left Buffalo Wild Wing on the date of Sep 16 2022 in Starkville MS. We waited over 30 minutes for our order inside this... establishment. Drove 30 minutes back home only to be disappointed because these wings where the worst I've ever had! They wereover cooked very hard and tuff to chew, I feel like I've been ripped off for my money I spent at this place. Don't think I'll becoming back to this place again! Read more

Susan Hardin 2 years ago

1 at best!!! Slow service. My boyfriend finished eating as I went to ditzy waitress cancel mine and leave. I also had to go to... their drink station for my drink. Don?t waste your time and money. Not even worth it Read more

Couri Taylor 2 years ago

I?m in town for a week and I?ve been here three times. Each time the service has been very slow and inattentive. Tonight was the... icing on the cake. I sat at the bar as usual. The bartender whom I believe is a training manager ask ?do you know what you?redrinking?? This was a bit average but okay. I order a drink and I wasn?t asked about a menu. Once I finally got her attention Iasked to see a menu. She accommodated my request and said you can just let me know when your ready to order. Odd sales tacticbut okay. Finally I?m able to get her attention to order the food. She clearly didn?t us a seat number, because my food wasauctioned to two other people at the before it was rudely slid in front of me by one of the closing servers. (I remember whenbeing a close was reserved for the talented team-members.) I?m just saying! Well I have food but no silverware or napkins. AfterI asked for the basics the bartender jokingly replies ?no you can only eat with your fingers.? Well that?s funny because I waseating with my fingers. Right about now another order gets auctioned at the bar and it?s another customer?s food and the food ofthe bartender. Now I?m pretty sure eating behind the bar in the mist of serving customers and pouring drinks is a clearviolation of BWW?s policy. I?m sure you get the picture so I?m signing off never to return to the location again. I?m just notthat desperate to pay for cold food, mediocre service and be treated less than average. I?m sure this will be read and theresponse will be but he tipped me okay. I?m a 30 year veteran of hospitality and I tip no matter the service level. I blame themangers who allow this poor service behavior to fester in their environment when they?re in a role to make a difference fortheir crew and customers. I?m just saying! Read more

Katie Olsen 2 years ago

I walked in at 910 just me. I asked them what time they close and they said 10. I?m like ok cool can i get a table and be... proceeds to tell me know because they start closing up at 930. I was one person. Not a whole party. I was verydisappointed. I never try and come to a restaurant last minute that?s why i asked before i got a table. But with it being 50minutes before they closed i didn?t think it was an issue. I?ve worked in the restaurant business and we stop serving people assoon as it hit closing time. Read more

Debisree Ray 4 years ago

This chain has always been a favourite of mine. I love their traditional wings. Mostly my favourites are Asian zing, Thai curry.... And in the dey seasoning, the chipotle BBQ one. Once tried the mango habanero, however that?s too hot for me! This place ismostly popular, mostly if there is a game. Love their typical dessert, cheesecake bites. I usually prefer to eat only wings, sonot much aware about their entrees. The only bad point, I can remember is that, the place has a typical greasy smell always,which I don?t like. Read more