Reviews for Chicken Salad Chick in Starkville, MS

Bobby L 1 year ago

I was there on August 5th picking up a order for a customer. This was the second time i had been there in months. I placed my... order for two large chicken salads of different types. The staff was pleasant when I placed my order. Although after I deliveredthe order they had given the customer 2 small containers of the different chicken salad. This is not why I am giving it therating I am giving. I had to take a video conference call while there which did not last long. I was in the back of therestaurant where there was no one. Shortly after being on the call the owner Cameron Parker came back there and stood indifferent places next to me. I felt very uncomfortable with this. He then accused me of harassing his employees and called mevile names. I did not want to make a scene and politely left but the man chased me through the place and out to my car. I havenever been so shaken in all my life there. I have been to many places to eat and I have never had this happen by a owner ofrestaurant. So don?t linger to long in his restaurant or you will be chased out!!! If this happened to you please report CameronParker to the police as this is unacceptable behavior. Read more

Wade Baskin 1 year ago

Very friendly service! Can't go wrong with the Classic Carol and Fancy Nancy according to my wife. This is definitely for a... female audience, and it's a sure fire way to keep the ladies happy! Read more

Isiah Lineberry 2 years ago

CHICK BLT-BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY I just brought home the Chick BLT-Not enough bacon to call it a BLT. My daughter's sandwich had... what appeared to be two half strips-one on one side and one on the other side of the sandwich. You would think for the 50 centsextra for this sandwich they could afford to give you a little more bacon. My solution: buy your own bacon from the grocerystore and place as much as you want on the Chick sandwich that you purchase. Apparently, corporate policy is for 2 strips-ButReally 2 pieces of 1 strip? For the most part the experience at this location has been positive,except when a staff memberquestioned my veracity when I asked a question about a special rewards program that the Augusta,GA location had. I have spentalmost $3000 at Chick Salad Chick so I know what I am talking about. Read more

George B Slade 2 years ago

We had a great lunch after a long day being outside. The manager on duty was extremely friendly and helpful. The entire staff... was very polite and helpful. Read more

Amy Lee 2 years ago

I have visited Chicken Salad Chick (CSC) in multiple locations across the south and it is consistently good both in the quality... of the food, cleanliness of the dining area and the service provided by the staff. I wanted to review this particular locationbecause they have a DRIVE THRU! While we didn?t utilize that feature I was secretly jealous as the locations near me do not havethat as an option. This location is a tad difficult to get to due to the divided highway but it was worth the extra effort toget there. CSC offers a high quality ?fast food? and comes with a yummy sugar cookie! Read more

Jennifer Robinson 2 years ago

I love this place! The young ladies are very friendly and accommodating.... I love accommodation! They know me, just by my voice... over the speaker! ? Read more

Heidi Bee 5 years ago

We had an excellent meeting space and a great time at CSC for a teacher meeting. Excellent service, delicious food... (self-ordering is recommended and worked so well). Waitstaff was courteous and helpful but not overbearing. The space was verycomfortable for our meeting of around 30+ teachers. We were allowed to set up our own A/V equipment including ascreen/projector. One big drawback was the ambient music was not able to be turned off without turning it off for the wholerestaurant. That said, they were willing to give it a try but realized that it wasn't possible to do. If you want to be surepeople are heard, bring a microphone and amplification for individuals to share and be heard. Second drawback is lack of Wi-Fi.We had to use a mobile Hotspot so be prepared for that or call ahead and double check in case they change that. Otherwise, greatspace! Read more

Debisree Ray 5 years ago

If you are craving for nice chicken salads, this is the perfect place for you. You can eat the chicken salad sandwich ( in bread... or croissant) or only the scoop of salad. You can get a cup of soup / Mac and cheese/ grapes salad etc as a side. The amountthey give is worth for the money you pay. We ordered the trio, which include a sandwich ( pretty big one), a scoop of anotherchicken salad, and a cup of soup ( loaded baked potato). The entire meal costs around 10$ and very filling. The interestingpoint is the different kind of chicken salad flavors you get here. I ate the cranberry and the lime grass- basil. The cranberryone is really tasty. Today was the first day and really crowded. The management was little poor ( May be they were little lessprepared on the first day). Read more